Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy

'admits killing of German teenager on secret video recording five years ago'

Daily Mail: UPDATED 17:07 GMT, 27 February 2011  PDF

Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy has been captured on video confessing to killing a German teenager more than 30 years ago.

The son of Italy's last king, who was in Potenza jail at the time the footage was recorded in 2006, is seen telling other inmates he had taken the court for a ride after his acquittal.

In the video, he described firing two shots which hit the tourist as he was sleeping on his boat off the island of Cavallo in 1978.

'Confession': Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, pictured centre with his son and wife Marina Doria, has apparently admitted shooting a German teenager in 1978 during secret video footage

The 74-year-old had argued with a group of young holidaymakers whom he accused of stealing his inflatable boat. Dirk Hamer, 19, was shot twice in the right leg and died in hospital three months later. Victor Emmanuel was cleared of the killing in 1991 at a Paris court.

Acquitted: Victor Emmanuel was cleared of the killing of Dirk Hamer in 1978

The six-minute video, shown on the Il Fatto Quotidiano newspaper last week, was recorded in secret. The prince was in jail charged with being part of a criminal gang, but the case was later dismissed. Parts of the video were published five years ago, but Victor Emmanuel claimed they had been 'manipulated or were not true'.

Mr Hamer's sister, Birgit, has fought a lengthy legal battle to obtain the full video. In the footage, the Independent on Sunday reports Victor Emmanuel said: 'I was in the wrong... in the wrong.

'I have to say I took them for a ride... the prosecutor had asked for five years and six months. I was sure of winning.

'They gave me a six-month suspended sentence [for arms possession]; six months, there was an amnesty, they didn't even register [the sentence]. I got out!'

The teenager's sister has called for a new trial in light of the footage.

She told the newspaper: 'It's worse than I imagined. What for us is a confession is a boast for him: he laughs about the fact that he killed a boy.'

Last week, Victor Emmanuel threatened legal action after the video was published and claimed it had been 'artificially edited'.

We also publish public media reports because we want to document how ruthlessly they lied about Dr. Hamer and the murder of his son Dirk. We recommend reading the documents in our online archive and the book "Einer gegen alle" (One Against All).