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Open Letter

May 2, 2015

President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Embassy of the Russian Federation
Drammensveien 74

Honorable Mr. President,

you probably thought that our triple unilateral "exchange of letters" was over, or rather remained unanswered. I would not have intruded any further but it seems – this is what my real friends think – that I received an indirect reply from you after all. And it seems to be so important that I must write to you a fourth time, even if I have to assume that you again will not reply to my letter.

In my open letter of March 5, 2015, I wrote the following; quote:

"I remember that my supposed "friend", a French count, confessed in 1984 that he escorted immensely huge train convoys transporting Jews to Birobidzhan, several million in total, from the beginning of the war till the end; and those trains gathered at Auschwitz were neither stopped nor under fire from either side, not even during the war between Germany and Russia.

After the war, this count participated as an interpreter in the "Long March" of Moses Tung – alias Mao Tse Tung, who was of Jewish descent and native of the border region between Birobidzhan and China – returning to France in 1946 or 1947. Later, those millions of Jews coming from Poland, the Czech Republic and East Germany that the Count had escorted to Birobidzhan, were declared “victims of Auschwitz". By the way, I can declare upon oath that the Count reported this.”

On March 15, 2015, the Norddeutsche Rundfunk (North German TV station) broadcast an interview with Ursula Haverbeck about the Holocaust under the title:

The Holocaust is the biggest and most lasting lie in history.

Ursula Haverbeck Interview (2015) with English Subtitles [transl. note: not translated by the "Germanische Heilkunde English translators team"]

You will agree with me, Mr. President, that this is very unusual, not only the interview in and of itself– such an interview has not been allowed for 50 years or even longer – and in particular not under this particular title chosen by Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).

As I said, my friends believe that this is definitely related to my open letter to you dated March 5, 2015.

In my letter I told you that the French Comte, who was later awarded the Resistance Medal, confessed in my presence in 1984 that between 1939 and 1945 being an interpreter for German, English, Russian and Hebrew (?) he escorted a vast number of train convoys transporting several million Jews from Auschwitz via the Trans-Siberian Railway to Birobidzhan. And the train convoys were never under fire, neither from the German nor from the Russian side. As I said, I can declare upon oath that the Count reported this.”

In that case, those millions of Eastern European Jews were not murdered or killed by gas, but evacuated for sanctuary to Jewish Birobidzhan (autonomous Jewish part of Russia) at the Chinese border, where they were able to survive the war unharmed.

When we consider, Mr. President, that thousands of Germans have been sentenced to long term imprisonment for "denying" the Holocaust, and now in this interview it is openly said that practically no Jews were murdered in Auschwitz, then I ask you:
What is your opinion on this? Why did the Germans have to pay trillions of euros for an “Auschwitz compensation”? 

I already tried to make it clear to you that I am not down on common Jews. I have a down on the Chief Rabbi and Jewish Messiah, mass murderer Schneerson, who prohibited that the Goyim suffering from cancer would receive treatment according to the principles of my Germanic Heilkunde. This means that he is responsible for the deaths of over 40 million German Goyim through chemo and morphine. And because I, the greatest benefactor of the Jews of all time, "protest" against this fact, I have been labelled "anti-Semite".

You see, I had very politely reached out to you, even though I learned through various biographies about you that the name of your biological mother is apparently Mirjam and that she lives in Israel, and even though you are good friends with Mrs. Merkel, who held a speech in Hebrew before the Knesset in Israel in 2008 (I have a film about this) and thanked the parliament for allowing her to hold the speech in her "mother tongue". When we start talking about Mrs. Merkel, things become even more complicated.
She is responsible for the ritual slaughter with chemo"therapy" and morphine of 5 to 10 million German Goyim. Being of Jewish descendance, she knew very well that all Jews in Israel have been treated with the "5BN" (=5 Biological Laws of Nature. This is what all Jews in the world, including the German Jews, call the Germanische Heilkunde so that they can keep it masked or hidden.), i.e. those suffering from cancer were treated with Germanic Heilkunde according to Schneerson's instructions, and in the past 34 years virtually no Jewish patient has died of cancer. But that is something you are well aware of.

I hope that you deserve the credit for starting the discussion about truth or lies regarding the Holocaust after my letter of March 5, 2015. I would then surely congratulate you on that.

No disrespect, Mr. President, perhaps there are more merits (mérite) waiting for you.

Being very loyal to you,
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Festschrift1 for Dr. R. G. Hamer on the occasion of his birthday on 17 May 2015
"The Unwise From the Orient" [Die Unweisen aus dem Morgenlande] by Georg Kausch, historian.

1  Festschrift: writing presented as a tribute or memorial especially to a scholar

Translated by English translators team