Dr. Hamer to Schietzel

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd HAMER, Doctor of Internal Medicine
Via Cassia 1280, I - ROMA

Bonn, 08/11/84

Dr. med. Schietzel
Doctor of Internal Medicine, Nephrology
Private University Hospital Witten-Herdecke

Our telephone call today and my request to examine a few patients in the Witten-Herdecke Clinic and exampine the condition after a heart attack of a correlating process in the brain, a so-called field collapse (German: sog. Feldeinbruch) or HH (HAMER FOCUS). See my book you have read, chapter 28 on heart attacks.


Dear colleague Mr. Schietzel!

I was very disappointed about our telephone call today. I know that you have already had some difficulties in advance in trying to align the IRON RULE OF CANCER with your anthroposophical worldview and ideas. That was the reason why you did not want to follow my ideas any further, even though you had already been very convinced of the subject that you considered to be beyond coincidence.

In the meantime, as you told me, you have read my book that I sent you. There are still ideological reasons why you do not want to accept or even get to know such a clear and transparent systematic, that is perfectly verifiable by the HAMER Focusses. But if these clear scientific facts are contrary to anthropological concepts, then cerainly only these dogmatic concepts can be wrong. Because, in contrast to the IRON RULE OF CANCER, they are not verifiable.

However, I do not believe that it is responsible to our patients, that you do not want to know the details of a heart attack as a cerebral occurrence, simply because you do not want to admit that you have done everything wrong so far. Someday you will lose your face.

With kind regards

Dr. Hamer

Translated by El Glauner