Dr. Stankovic to Dr. Hamer

Dr. Petar J Stanković
Paŝtrovićeva 55
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia



The book „Krebs, Krankheit der Seele“ (Cancer, Illness of the Soul) by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer published in February 1984 by Amici di Dirk Publisher Rome, Paris, Bonn which is 400 pages is a unique work about the burning question of combating cancer.

This book, with its extensive documentation, especially the many original photos of brain computer tomograms, is something so unique, unprecedented and convincing that, as an academic medical doctor, one is shaken to the core. This is a milestone in the thorny path of cancer research concerning the arising, development and therapy of this worst illness.

We were challenged by this book to change our views, since all our previous supposed knowledge about cancer, according to Dr. Hamer, has to be cast aside.

According to Dr. Hamer, the sacrosanct claim of academic medicine that nothing but scalpel, radiation and drugs, are suitable for cancer therapy, is not only senseless, but even disastrously injurious. Dr. Hamer maintains, as do ever more scientists in recent times, especially in the USA, that the true source of a cancer illness lies in a disturbed psychical balance. That this is the case in almost each organic illness, was already explained by me in my book “Medicina Divina” 40 years ago. Similar to myself back then, now Dr. Hamer is being fought by the “nice colleagues” with envy, arrogance and ignorance, the co-called “Tübingen Syndrome”. Nothing short of trail-blazing are Dr. Hamer’s “Iron Rule of cancer, according to which each cancer arises after a “Dirk Hamer Syndrome” (DHS), so named for his tragically killed son, i.e. after a severe, acute, dramatic and isolating/isolative conflict-experience-shock.
The conflict experience-content determines, according to Dr. Hamer, the localization of the cancer, while the course of the conflict corresponds exactly with the course of the cancer illness in the body. He supports his assertions with a whole series of higly interesting examples of cases with a great many admirable brain computer tomograms.

It is truly sad and utterly outrageous that the responsible medical authorities, instead of interesting themselves in Dr. Hamer’s discoveries and examining them, attack him with an unimaginable fury and arrogance, on all levels, and try to humiliate him.

It would, however, be the duty of each doctor to carefully read his recently published book in order to examine his assertions, because should he truly be right, then the practical application of his theory would be a blessing for all cancer patients. So long as medicine does not have at its disposal a 100% reliable remedy against cancer, it has to be a sacred duty to examine thoroughly each offered possibility.

Dr Petar J Stanković
Psychiatrist and Neurologist

Translation from "Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction"