Events of the year 1984

02/01/1984: "...lousy Mafia practices..." Dr. Hamer in conversation with HP-JOURNAL chief editor Harry Götte.

February 19, 1984: Dr. Hamers book „Krebs- Krankheit der Seele“ is published. Since the book is not registered on the list of available books, Dr. Hamer has to organise the sale himself.

04/18/1984: Dr. Hamer receives a letter from the “Bundesverband der Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs” e.V. (Federal Association of Women's Self-help after Cancer) with the urgent request to stop sending the book "Krebs - Krankheit der Seele" to the group leaders. Dr. Hamer had sent his book to all 235 self-help groups of the German Cancer Aid free of charge.

June 1984: Dr. Hamer wanted to go with his friend Count Antoine D`Oncieu for an interview with Rainer Holbe. They wanted to drive with Antoine's car. The car was parked in Bonn. They decided to take the train when Antoine arrived in Essen. Antoine almost had an accident the day after next. Mechanic's workshop: "Brake line was cut". Traces could still be detected at the car park in Bonn. Should the interview be prevented? The complaint to the public prosecutor's office in Bonn was later closed without result.

September 1984: Cardiac Infarction Study at the Department of Angiology at the Cardiological University Clinic in Vienna under the direction of Prof. Dr. E. Mannheimer. Although it is stated that the laws discovered by Dr. Hamer also corresponded to the process in the patient every time a heart attack occurred, and although it was agreed that it is desirable to continue the study, it was prevented by lobby pressure from the Vienna Medical Association. The study was officially closed, but secretly continued.

October 1984: Dr. Hamer's flat is robbed. Files, letters, patent documents, family photos etc. disappear. Because of the trial against his former landlord, Dr. Hamer receives an order from the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court requiring him to undergo a psychiatric examination. If he would not be able to join the trial, the trial against the Prince of Savoy would have been settled.

12/06/1984: Lecture by Dr. Hamer about the Cardiac Infarction Study at the Medical Academy for Further Education in the old university hospital. After purposeful interruptions at the beginning, the lecture went smoothly and was received with enthusiasm. It was completely recorded on video film.

Translated by El Glauner