Events of the year 1995

05/13/1995: Lecture by Dr. Hamer in Bad Godesberg about Germanische Heilkunde®.

05/18/1995: This was the day when the "Oliva case" began. The father described in his book "Olivia - Her fateful story" how terrible his daughter had to suffer. It tells the story of persecution and suffering.

  • May 17: initial physical examination because of stomach pain
  • May 18: Dr. Jürgenssen's initial diagnosis ... Wilms, Stage II, referral to the St. Anna Children's Cancer Center Vienna
  • May 25: The parents consult Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., in Cologne.
  • June 14: The escape from poison gas pseudotherapy (chemo) begins.
  • July 24: The Austrian government promises not to act against the parents' will. Thus, the Pilhar family is willing to return from Spain but the government immediately violates the agreement.
  • July 29: Olivia is torn from her mother's arms and carried off for involuntary chemo treatment. She resists, but is stopped by injections.
  • August 1: Olivia dies due to the toxic shock, but can be resuscitated. This causes a fracture of some of her ribs, which leads to a pneumothorax. Olivia has to be artificially ventilated, fed and kept in deep sleep. Her clinical death is hushed up.
  • September 18: Olivia's well-functioning right kidney is removed together with the encapsulated cyst (Wilms tumor or nephroblastoma).
  • The involuntary chemo treatment (product from toxic gas), scheduled for 6 months, begins based on the protocol of the international medical large-scale experiment with children 'Nephroblastoma Study SIOP, Stage II'.
  • Knowing that Olivia most certainly would die without having her mother arround, the doctors mainly direct their aggression against the father by initially denying him access to his child whenever possible. The parents are forced to witness the medical abuse of their daughter and to remain silent. At home, Olivia's siblings need their mother as well ...

In retrospect, the case of little Olivia Pilhar clearly showed how ruthlessly the syndicate or cancer mafia could violate all human rights without any consequences, and how the "free press" and television synchronously reported the same. The latter exploited the case to the benefit of conventional medicine. Everything pointed to a "final battle" of conventional medicine against Germanische Heilkunde®, which was planned and carried out by the highest state authorities.


07/05/1995: Dr. Hamer in Help TV studio (Austria). Austrian TV reports about the "case" Olivia Pilhar.

07/25/1995: Parliamentary Question of the Green Party (Austria) is rejected by the responsible ministries.

08/04/1995: The "Zentrum für Neue Medizin" (Center for New Medicine) in Burgau (Austria) is searched on the basis of an arrest warrant issued in Austria against Dr. Hamer, and all computer files are confiscated. By using the data of patients who came to the "Center for New Medicine" from 1990 to 1995, they wanted to charge Dr. Hamer with "involuntary manslaughter". However, the Public Prosecutor's Office had to admit that 6,000 of 6,500 patients were still alive. Most of the patients who arrived in Burgau were severely pre-harmed by conventional treatment.

08/18/1995: Live program on 3sat (3nach9) with Dr. Hamer and Eng. Helmut Pilhar. One would think that journalism has destroyed itself in this live broadcast. The opposite is the case the crime against humanity continues.

Translated by El Glauner