Events of the Year 2010

AIDS, the disease that doesn't exist

January 2010: The 2nd edition of the book "AIDS the disease that doesn't exist" (German), Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, is published.

01/27/2010: Muriel ist taken away from her mother (Barbara Seebald) by the Deutschlandsberg District Authority. The mother doesn't know where the child has been transferred to. The authorities say that this is for the good of the child. (There was NEVER any evidence that Muriel was HIV positive!)

07/18/2010: Bill Gates is speaking at the World AIDS Conference in Vienna. Alluding to Dr. Hamer's book "Aids, the disease that doesn't exist", Gates said: Now all men worldwide must be circumcised, then there will be no more Aids (i.e. no more smegma).

06/25/2010: Trial at the Sigmaringen Administrative Court: Dr. Hamer against the University of Tübingen for fraud. No representative from the university was present.

August 2010: Dr. Hamer's book "Breast cancer - The most common cancer in women?" (German) is published in 1st edition.

12/01/2010: Helmut Pilhar's website, which provides information about Germanische Heilkunde, has been classified as harmful to minors by the Commission for the Protection of Minors (kjm) of the State Media Authorities. He is closing his website.

04/14/2010: Muriel Seebald with her mother, 2 ½ months after the state kidnapped Muriel.