Fam. Seebald: Report on the situation

Muriel receives:

2 x daily 45 mg Lidaprim - Pneumocystis carini
3 times a day 320 mg Optinem - antibiotics of which she got a fungus, visible in the mouth and bottom; against the fungus she receives Diflukan 1x 50 mg

She receives all of this via a vein. She is connected to a drip day and night. The last time a new tube had to be inserted, she was pricked 6 times. Lidaprim is a very rarely used antibiotic and is actually only used in oncology. Main effect: prevents the production of red blood cells.

Muriel's HB has dropped from 11 to 9, she will soon need another blood reserve. Also Diflukan, plus cortisone (Aprednsion) 15 mg in total.

In addition, there are the 3 Aids drugs calcite, and one antibiotic has now also been canceled.

All I can do is watch the situation in horror.  Barbara Seebald (mother)