Events of the Year 2017

02/07/2017 Frankfurt, M /Germany

02/07/2017: The oral hearing in the administrative proceedings between Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and the Federal State of Hessen/Hessisches Landesprüfungsamt takes place on this day.

02/14/2017: Dr. Hamer sends Judge Jansen a letter commenting on the court hearing of the Hessen Administrative Court on February 7, 2017 and submits relevant motions.

02/15/2017: Dr. Hamer's lawsuit to have his medical license restored is dismissed. As in all previous lawsuits filed by Dr. Hamer, the judiciary demonstrates its arrogance and power. A society in which only competition for the highest profits and power counts also has adequate economic, political, media and judicial structures to maintain this civilizational delusional edifice of power. Truth and welfare of the people do not matter. The verdict reads, quote:

 "... that the plaintiff (Dr. Hamer) is (still) unreliable in practicing the medical profession because the plaintiff does not guarantee that he treats patients in accordance with all the standards of the medical art ..."

"... that the plaintiff not only believes in his own scientific view and way of thinking, he also completely rejects the conventional medical treatment methods..."

02/17/2017: Letter from Dr. Hamer to lawyer Koch regarding the verdict.

02/20/2017: Statement by the Administrative Court of Frankfurt am Main: the conditions to receive or restore a medical licence are not met if the applicant refuses treating patients with conventional medical methods.

03/06/2017: Dr. Hamer contacts the Hessian Administrative Court in Kassel regarding an "attempted conciliation, mediation".


2 July 2017: Dr. Hamer passes away in Sandefjord, Norway. After 36 years of fighting for the recognition of Germanische Heilkunde® for the benefit of all people, the Greatest Discoverer in human history leaves us on this day, exiled from his homeland.

Finally, Dr. Hamer is returning to his beloved homeland.

14 July 2017: Dr. Hamer is laid to rest in Erlangen.

Through his 36-year struggle for the verification of his discoveries and the recognition of Germanische Heilkunde®, Dr. Hamer has achieved two significant successes:

  • Against overwhelming resistance, he prepared the basis for the dissemination of his discoveries and findings.
  • At the same time, he exposed the criminal structures of our society that oppress people and prevent their liberation.

Now it is our responsibility to actively spread this knowledge and let it have an even greater impact in our lives.