Prince Victor Emmanuel sentenced to two years for libel

ROME- Judge Simonetta D’Alessandro has decreed that Italian Prince Victor Emmanuel’s accusations towards Birgit Margot Hamer, sister of Dirk Hamer, was false. Furthermore, the Prince was aware that the was libelling Margot Hamer, and has been condemned to two years of prison for libel. The sentence was suspended.

In 1978 Vittorio Emmanuel fatally shot Dirk Hamer, but was acquitted for murder. Brigit Hamer disputed the court's sentence in her autobiography, and the Italian Prince sued her despite having admitted to the crime (in an intercepted phone call) after the sentence was passed. The Prince even boasted about being victorious in court even though he was guilty.

‘’This is a decisive recognition of truth and justice’’. commented Brigit Hamer after the sentence was passed. She continued: ‘’I have never sought vengeance, only justice. I sought an official recognition of the truth for almost 40 years. It has been a long journey. I dedicate this victory to my brother.’’

It was August 18 1978, on Corsican Cavallo Island when a dispute among boat owners escalated into a shooting. Victor Emmanuel ended up shooting his rifle twice, hitting the 19-year-old German student Dirk Hamer (son of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, inventor of the fraudulent ‘‘Germanic New Medicine’’) wounding his leg. The youth died after four months of agony.

At the time, Victor Emmanuel had to face trial in a French court for injuring Dirk, but was acquitted supposedly due to a lack of evidence. In 1991, he was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter, but was condemned for the illegal carrying of a firearm. Last August the Italian supreme court decided that the 1978 events can still be prosecuted legally, decreeing that the prince ‘’cannot avoid the civil and ethical responsibility’’ for the homicide.

Dirk’s father, Ryke Geerd Hamer died last July. After the death of his son, the doctor developed a testicular tumour, which he blamed on the stress caused by his son’s injury and eventual death.

It was from this event that the ‘’Dirk Hamer syndrome’’ was discovered, this being the association of cancer with traumatic experiences. According to Dr. Hamer, this type of cancer should not be cured with surgery or chemotherapy, but rather with herbs and therapy, as the root of the problem is psychological and not biological.

It was for such theories that Dr. Hamer was eventually expelled from the German General Medical Council.


We also publish public media reports because we want to document how ruthlessly they lie(d) about Dr. Hamer (and his discovery, the Germanic) and the murder of his son Dirk. Birgit Hamer even harshly blamed her father (Dr. Hamer) for "acting the man of character" at the expense of the rest of the family. Dr. Hamer refused the large sums offered by the French Minister of Justice (Badinter), which he was offered as a bribe so that Dr. Hamer would waive the trial against Savoy. We recommend reading the documents in our online archive and the book "Einer gegen alle" (One Against All).