Dr. Hamer to President Trump

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer
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Jan 25, 2017

The President of the
of the United States of America
Donald Trump

Honorable Mr. President of the United States of America,

Please, hear me out. This is about the biggest crime and mass murder in the history of mankind – about 4 billion non-Jews, deliberately and ritually slaughtered with chemo and morphine in the past 35 years by order of the Jewish "Messiah", M. M. Schneerson, at whose grave in Brooklyn your daughter recently had herself filmed.

The people in Germany have placed so much hope in you and your presidency that it is really embarrassing for me to have to link your family on religious ground with this biggest and most disgusting mass murder in world history. Excuse me, but the "Messiah" of the Jews (who died in 1994) is the biggest and most unscrupulous mass murderer of all times, fully driven by religious delusion.

Since 1981, when an official verification of the Germanische Heilkunde (at that time New Medicine) with a 100% positive result, had to be denied by the University of Tübingen by order of "Messiah" Schneerson because pursuant to his orders, only Jews were supposed to survive with Germanic Heilkunde which by the way, according to the publication of the Israeli Embassy of October 29, 2008, 99.4% did so over the past 35 years, while 4 billion non-Jews worldwide have been executed with chemo and morphine, including several million US-Americans since then there has been nothing but lies and mass murder in Germany.

But who do I tell? Is it not your government that is the occupying power in Germany, while we only have a fake government that has heaped up 40 million cadavers executed with chemo and morphine over the past 35 years?
Your government not only knew about this mass murder, but rather expressly agreed to it. Surely our terrible Brand, Schmidt, Kohl and Merkel could not have committed this mass murder on their own authority and out of religious delusion without your consent.

Now, we hear that you want to mend the grievances. That would be great. Not only would it be great, it would be urgently necessary.
Me, being a patriot yet uninterested in pseudo politics, it would be a heart-felt wish to be allowed to save my people.
If I, despite my age of 81 years, could be of any help, I would be more than happy to do so.
The one who made the greatest discovery in human history, namely the Germanische Heilkunde, could probably quickly restore order and implement truly democratic conditions in Germany if he only were allowed to.

Since you, as our occupying power, have the real power in our pseudo-state, I take the liberty of enclosing a copy of my letter addressed the President of the Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht Sigmaringen).
This President, Dr. Graßhof, has access to everything and could immediately verify and confirm all my statements in the blink of an eye.
It would be a special honor for you to be directly involved in the investigations into the biggest mass murder in world history. As the President of the United States of America, you would have the authority to do so.
I would even be willing to visit you together with my son Dr. Bernd Hamer, a physician who speaks excellent English.

However, you might not think I am stupid, because a moron could not have made the greatest discovery in human history (the Germanische Heilkunde), but you might think I am dewy-eyed and naive if I trust your family of all people, who is so intimately connected to the late Messiah Schneerson, the most evil mass murderer of all time.

Well then, you may consider me as a naive blue-eyed germano-phile German whose people are being annihilated by the evil semito-phile Merkel and who refuses to accept that nothing could nor should be done about it.
Excuse me for being so naive to still believe that after 70 years of occupation, we will have a constitutional state again.
Only in a constitutional state (like that of our Germanic ancestors) there is a chance to live according to the Germanische Heilkunde and practice it.
Schneerson may have stolen our GERMANIC Heilkunde, but nonetheless it does not belong to the Jews. And the Jews, like all people on earth, would only be allowed to practice it in a constitutional state – even if they have a 99.4% cancer survival rate with my Germanische Heilkunde, without living in such a constitutional state.

Being very loyal to you; Yours truly and respectfully

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translated by English Translator Team