Events of the Year 2024

02/03/2023:  Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy – the man who killed DIRK Geerd Hamer – is dead.

According to several newspapers, Savoy's life was overshadowed by scandals (corruption, prostitution), but his most famous crime was the murder of DIRK Hamer. In 2006, Savoy was in prison in Potenza and was wiretapped there.
Quote from Dr. Hamer: "He told his fellow prisoners that it had not been an accident in 1978, but that he aimed at Dirk's stomach in the spotlight of the jeep his wife and accomplice Marina Doria was driving. So he is a murderer."
The trial in Paris did not take place until 13 years after the fatal gunshots of the Prince of Savoy (1978). Dr Hamer appealed against the verdict (Nov. 18, 1991).

On the verdict in the trial against V.E. of Savoy for intentional homicide and murder of DIRK GEERD HAMER (from Press Release by Dr. Hamer and B. Hamer 1991, in German):

"... Yesterday evening, the scandalous judgment of the Cour d'assise. The President of the Court, Colomb, acquitted the Prince of Savoy of the intentionally murder of our son and brother DIRK. It was clear that the Prince had fired two shots from his carbine. The trajectory of the bullets had been precisely calculated and was exactly in line with the entry and exit points of the boats and DIRK's position.

Paris 1991

The court based its decision on the absurd, purely hypothetical possibility that at the exact moment the two shots were fired, another imaginary shooter, who was not seen by anyone, could have entered the trajectory of the prince's bullets with an imaginary oversized pistol that should have had the same penetrative power as a carbine, which no one had seen either.

The Hamer family believes the trial to be a sham and a show trial, a farce specifically designed to rehabilitate the Prince and allow him to return to Italy, as the Hamer family had already foreseen in their memoire of November 4, 1991.

We consider this trial to be a big show orchestrated by the P2 Masonic Lodge. ..."

The Scandalous Trial 1991 / page 257


02/24/2004:  In Hungary ("Szakmai Elit Díjátadó Gála"), the thief R. Barnai is awarded the title of professional top expert of the year 2024.

Quote from Dr. Hamer about Barnai and the Organ Atlases (11/18/2010):

The Chief robber Roberto (a young Hungarian rabbi) Barnai ("sons" in Hebrew) shared his dream with his former girlfriend: If he tricked Dr. Hamer into giving him his copyrights, he would be appointed chief rabbi in return. In conformity with his dream, he actually stole everything for his organ atlas, literally everything - including all diagrams, brain CTs and organ CTs, as well as the texts from my books. There's really nothing left that he hasn't stolen from me and incorporated into idiotic orthodox or homicidal medicine.
And the icing on the cake:
He writes:
Based on the work of Dr. Hamer
Copyrights by Barnai, Roberto.

Excerpt of a letter from Dr. Hamer 11/18/2010:

Our Jewish opponents would like the following to be removed from Germanische Heilkunde (for non-Jews, of course):

  • The entire world view background, which is supposedly not suitable for non-Jews who are meant to be ruled and enslaved the values: freedom, truthfulness, loyalty, sense of family, love of homeland, dignity and being proud to belong to a people etc. should all be eradicated.
  • The DHS, the central element of Germanische Heilkunde and the beginning of every Significant Biological Special Program, would need to be approached "psychologically", thus destroying its original meaning.
  • The 3 billion chemo victims worldwide (holo-shehitah) must not be discussed at all. This most terrible crime in human history must not even be discussed, just as the 2 million ("unidentified") burn victims of the two bombing raids on Dresden on February 15 and 16, 1945 must not be discussed.
  • Of course, not a single word should be said about the murderers. That would be anti-Semitism.

Translated by E.G.