Events of the Year 2023

02/02/2023: The main video channel "Germanische Heilkunde - Dr. Hamer" is removed by Vimeo without warning. More than 200 videos in different languages have to be replaced on the website

03/16/2023: Another video channel is removed by Youtube (Germanische Heilkunde - Dr. Hamer - International). This is already the second channel deleted by Youtube.

03/28/2023: The publishing house Amici di Dirk® (Bona Hamer) has been threatened with a cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine. The attacks against Dr Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk® started on 02/17/2023 and were listed in an overview by the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde on 04/30/2023:

05/17/2023: Birthday celebration honoring Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, Erlangen (Germany).

07/04/2023: The film "The King Who Never Was" is released on the video platform NETFLIX.

09/24/2023: Dr. Hamer's website is now available in Japanese!

12/04/2023: One more video channel with the title "Germanische Heilkunde Dr. Hamer" has been censored. This is how Vimeo explains it: Reason: We do not permit accounts that upload content which conveys false or misleading claims about (1) vaccination safety, or (2) health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm.


Chronology of attacks against Amici di Dirk

IN A NUTSHELL, 04/30/2023

The publishing house Amici di Dirk® (Bona Hamer) has been threatened with a cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine because the Working Group (financially independent, not working for Amici di Dirk®) truthfully admits to a private inquirer in a private reply that the Working Group does not know who Mr Capetanis is – and Ms Bona Hamer cannot confirm that he has worked alongside Dr Hamer on various projects.

This is how it began:

On February 22, 2023, we (Germanische Heilkunde Working Group) were informed by an e-mail (sent to us) that a "correction" by someone called Nick Capetanis was circulating on Telegram (Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy German...) – and that we should clarify the situation and/or apologise. When we read through this "correction", it became clear to us that Mr. Capetanis was attacking the publishing house Amici di Dirk®, Bona Hamer and the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde. Since we cannot tolerate that the publishing house of Dr. Hamer – that publishes the original literature of Dr. Hamer – gets attacked, and since the attacks continue, we have decided to publish the complete history chronologically together with all documents, so that everyone can easily follow what is going on.

Attack No. 1: Document "Correction" Capetanis, published on Telegram-channel "Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy German" 02/17/2023 (publication in English on 03/12/2023, Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy English)

After reading through it, we understood that Mr Capetanis was referring to a reply – sent privately to an inquirer – that we never had published.  

Since the original publishing house of Dr. Hamer and his legal heir Bona Hamer were bombarded with accusations beyond the truth in this letter, we decided to comment on it, because we expected far-reaching manipulation and opinion mongering that could cause harm to the publishing house! Why? Why might someone have such intentions? Is it even to prepare something? What does it look like? Does Mr. Capetanis want to take over the printing of the books or the entire publishing house, since he claims in the second letter ("Statement") that he personally is in possession of a will of Dr. Hamer? We don't have an answer, but the apprehension is in the air.

Why is he agitating against the publishing house, although quite a number of books have been published in several languages after 2017? Perhaps most people are not aware of it: Dr. Hamer's death was not only a great loss for humanity. His wife Bona had to face the loss of her beloved husband and had to cope with many other difficulties as well. Nevertheless, she did not "run-down" the publishing house, as some hatemongers claim, but re-designed and published the following books:

„Mein Studentenmädchen“ (2019)

„Germanische Heilkunde, Introduction, The „Mini“ (2019)
„Summary of the New Medicine - Habilitation“ (2019)
„Scientific Chart“ (2019)
„One against All“ (2023)

„Cancer and all so-called Diseases“ (2019)

„Scientific-Embryological Tooth Chart of Germanische Heilkunde“ (NEW 2020)
„One against All“ (reprint 2020)
„Legacy of a New Medicine“, Volumes 1 and 2 (reprint redesigned 2021, 2022)
„Cancer and all so-called diseases" (reprint 2022)
„Scientific Chart + Present Introduction - The „Mini“ (reprint 2022)
„Mein Studentenmädchen“ (reprint 2023)
„Mein Studentenmädchen Audio-CD + Leaflet in German and Spanish“ (continuous production and reprinting) 

Respond of the Working Group to counter Attack No.1:
We felt it was our responsibility to write a statement ("Corrections?" ["Rectifications?"]). After all, this is not just any publishing house!!
Finally we publish our PRIVATE answer to the inquirer. We would not have published it at all if the publishing house Amici di Dirk® had not been attacked; because we did not consider it important enough and we frequently receive similar requests.

Attack No. 2: Document: "Statement" addressed to the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde, published on Telegram February 26, 2023 (published in English March 12, 2023)

Mr Capetanis claims in the "Statement" addressed to the Working Group (see Attack No. 2), i.a. the following:
„Since the working group now refers to the inheritance, I note that... I am in possession of a will of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer…"

Since we did not respond to the "Statement" (attack no. 2) and Amici di Dirk® did not respond to a lawyer's letter received by e-mail on March 28, 2023, Mr. Capetanis published this lawyer's letter.

Attack No. 3: Document: Lawyer's Letter published on Telegram, April 8, 2023 (published in English April 12, 2023)

The publishing house, or Bona Hamer, is threatened with a cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine. The Working Group should remove the "Corrections?" ("Rectifications?") from the website and publicly withdraw their statement. 

Attack No. 4: Since the publication of the lawyer's letter is ineffective too, and neither the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde nor the publishing house Amici di Dirk® react to it, Mr Capetanis publishes the next PDF document finally showing the meagre evidence of his many years of friendship, help and "working alongside Dr Hamer on various projects".

Document: „Truth vs. Lies“ published on Telegram, April 12, 2023 (German and English)

Respond of the Working Group to counter Attack No.4:
The "Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde" publishes an article with the same title: "Truth vs. lies", April 13, 2023

Mr. Capetanis then announces a Zoom online meeting on April 14, 2023, which he calls "Rede und Antwort stehen - für jedermann" ("Answering Questions - for Everyone" only German). The Zoom meeting is held on April 15, 2023.

Attack No. 5Publication of the Zoom-online-meeting "Answering Questions - for Everyone" (only German) by Mr Capetanis on Telegram, April 18, 2023

It is interesting to note that in his Zoom meeting, Mr. Capetanis does not go into detail regarding the question about the will (see attack no. 2) after Erika Pilhar had explained that it is Bona's inheritance and her right. [Quote Capetanis: "What is this... the question about the will; we have not yet touched on it, but it is not an issue at the moment, I think"]

Attack No. 6: Publication of a "Conclusion" on Telegram April 21, 2023. In this Conclusion, he once again attacks the publishing house Amici di Dirk® by using such words as "lies, machinations, intrigues, shadow wars, slander, character assassination" – including the opinion-mongering phrases that he received "a lot of positive feedback" to his [Capetanis'] "correction" by which he "clarified things most clearly". 

Respond of the Working Group to counter Attack No.5 an No.6:
Lesson in Word Twisting, is published on 04/30/2023 by the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde (created 04/27/2023). Before watching the video, please be aware of how many times Mr Capetanis uses the word lie and liar in all his letters and in the zoom video when referring to Bona Hamer and the Working Group. By the way, speaking very fast (many words) is also a technique of manipulation. This prevents people from reflecting on the information and as a result the chosen information is planted directly in people's brains.

Quote by Dr Hamer:

I will faithfully pass on your [Dirk's] legacy and make sure that it remains unadulterated, both in terms of the findings and in terms of uprightness and honesty.

Germanische Heilkunde Working Group, April 30, 2023