Verification Burgau

Centre for New Medicine in Austria

Head Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer


On 27th January 1993, 12 cases were examined in detail in the local "NEUE MEDIZIN" centre - in the presence of Dr. Willibald Stangl, medical officer, Dr. Wilhelm Limberger, general practitioner, and Dr. Hamer -  according to the rules of "NEUE MEDIZIN" ("New Medicine") to determine whether the 4 Biological Laws of "NEUE MEDIZIN" were correct. On average each case had 3 to 4 diseases. 

The 4 biological laws of the "NEUE MEDIZIN" are:

  1. The IRON RULE OF CANCER with it's 3 Criteria
  2. The  Law of Two-Phase Nature of diseases - when the conflict is resolved
  3. The Ontogenetic system of the Cancer - and Cancer equivalent diseases
  4. The Ontogenetic system of Microbes

The 12 cases covered the following diseases:

Cancer, Psychosis, Diabetes, Brain Tumour, Sarkoma, Multiple Sklerosis, Neurodermatitis.

Without exception, we found that the Biological Laws of the NEUE MEDIZIN (New Medicine) 1 to 3 were exactly fulfilled in all 12 cases, in which, as mentioned above, there were usually several diseases. The 4th Law, the Ontogenetic conditioned System of Microbes, could not be sufficiently verified, because the necessary documentation was not available in sufficient numbers.

Dr. Willibald Stangl, medical Officer, President of the Medical Association of Lower Austria ... Official seal of the district administration Tulln (Lower Austria, Austria)
Dr. Wilhelm Limberger, practical. Physician

Translated by Ela Faulkner