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Hornopotocná 23, 91843 Trnava


On the 8th and 9th September 1998, at the Elizabeth Institute of Oncology at Bratislava, and at the Department of Oncology of the hospital in Trnava, seven patients were examined with a total of more than twenty illnesses in the presence of the Vice-chancellor of the University of Trnava, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Social Sciences, and a total of 10 university lecturers and professors. (Medical protocols of these cases prepared by Dr. Hamer are enclosed). The purpose was to ascertain whether the verification of his system could be established according to natural scientific rules testing for reproducibility.

This was the case.

From respectively about 100 facts of each single illness that one can investigate according to the rules of the “New Medicine”, we could not investigate all facts for lack of complete examination results, but the available facts showed that all natural laws of the “New Medicine” were fulfilled.

The undersigned, therefore, assume with a high degree of probability as validated, that his presentation in two verification conferences proves his system – with the highest probability.

We value very highly Dr. Hamer´s humanity, his ethical and patient commitment and his new holistic access to patients. After considering all these factors, we have gained the impression that the question of the soonest possible application of the “New Medicine” should be further urgently pursued.


Trnava, 11th September 1998

prof. MUDr. J. Pogady, DrSc, Professor of Psychiatry, Chairman of the Commission ... Signature

prof. MUDr. V. Krcmery, DrSc, Dean of the Faculty ... Signature

doc. RNDr. J. Miklosko, DrSc, Vice-Chancellor Research ... Signature

Translation from "Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction"


According to laws of Natural Science, an official verification of a university may only be overruled if the opposing (falsified) side, namely the so-called school medicine, proves the opposite. However, it cannot do this. There are 5000 hypotheses that cannot prove, disprove or verify anything.

Dr. Hamer


Dr. Miklosko on the Verification of the Germanische Heilkunde:  

1st International Congress for New Medicine  

in Mai '99 in Biel (Schwitzerland)

Translation of the video:

Slowly, ok?
May I just say a few words about that; I'm going to keep fighting anyway and will always be on Dr. Hamer's side. Now we [the town of Trnava] are also known by this case. Not everyone is proud of it, but I am proud.
Dr. Hamer says that he doesn´t want to get the title of a professor or to be a lecturer. I know that. He's a patient's friend.
Personally I am convinced that the method is really correct in principle and works.
We have to convince many other people, especially some doctors, professors and probably also some politicians.
This confirmation of Trnava that I have, I can really say that it was not a fake, that all these three people who signed there signed it completely voluntarily.
And one of them, the Dean, said quite clearly: "This idea is right, but came too soon!"
We signed there that We - these three Scientists and representatives of the University - consider this method to be correct in all probability and are interested in continuing to pursue this method and to use it in practice.