Verification Gelsenkirchen

Mr. Dean 
Prof. Dr. D. P. Pfitzer
Medical Fakulty of the 
University of Düsseldorf 
4000 Düsseldorf


Dear Dean,

I followed your suggestion that I, as a member of the Medical Faculty, should examine 20 cases in a medical conference to see whether they are reproducible according to the biological laws of the “NEW MEDICINE” of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. As agreed, I was asked to report to you and the faculty the findings:

On May 23 and 24, 1992, a medical conference under my direction took place at in the Municipal Children's Hospital Gelsenkirchen on 24 cases based on the rules of the "NEW MEDICINE", and it was examined in detail whether the 4 biological laws of the "NEUE MEDIZIN" discovered and defined by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer, were correct in every case. On average each case had 4 to 5 diseases.

As you know, the 4 biological laws of the "NEW MEDICIN" are:

  1. The IRON RULE OF CANCER with its 3 Criteria
  2. The  Law of Two-Phase Nature of diseases - when the conflict is resolved
  3. The Ontogenetic system of the Cancer - and Cancer equivalent diseases
  4. The Ontogenetic system of Microbes

The 24 cases covered the following diseases:

Cancer, Leukemia, Psychosis, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Allergy, Epilepsy, Brain Tumor, Infectious disease, Tuberculosis, Sarcoma.

Without exception, we found in all 24 cases which as already mentioned, usually had several diseases, that as to the biological laws of the "NEW MEDICIN", 1-3 were exactly fulfilled for each part disease on all 3 levels, the psyche, the brain and the organs, and that for each individual phase synchronously. The 4th Law, the Ontogenetic System of Microbes, could not be checked sufficiently, because the necessary documents, such as pathogen proofs etc., were not available in sufficient numbers.

In the next few days I will send you separately the detailed documentation including a detailed test report.

The probability that after the strict scientific examination for reproducibility the laws of the "NEW MEDICIN" (1-3) are CORRECT, must now be set as very high.

With Kind Regards
Prof. Dr. E.A. Stemmann, Chief Physician
Dr. Elke Mühlpfort, Pediatrician

Translated by Ela Faulkner