Verification Gmünd

Dr. Michael Treven
med. univ.


A-9853 Gmünd

Today, on 12/10/88, together with Dr. med. Elisabeth Rozkydal, I have had the opportunity to do practical training. Together with Dr. R. Geerd Hamer from Cologne, we performed an examination of the reproducibility of the IRON RULE OF CANCER in the case of my own wife. It turned out that the IRON RULE OF CANCER was synchronously true in all 3 levels (psyche, brain and organ). For clarification of the cerebral level we had made a Brain-CT. The course of the disease also corresponded exactly to the IRON RULE OF CANCER.

I am interested in applying the IRON RULE OF CANCER to the diseases of the teeth, mouth and jaw in my dental practice in the future.

Vienna, 12/10/88

Dr. Michael Treven, specialist for dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery
Dr. Elisabeth Rozkydal, general practitioner
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Translated by Ela Faulkner