Verification Löwenstein

Med.-Director Dr. S. Nagorny
Medical Superintendent Department of Anaesthesia,
Lung Physiology and Allergology, Löwenstein Clinic

7101 Löwenstein
Kreis Heilbronn
Phonenumber (07130) 511


Mr. Dr. med. Hamer has, between 26.07.82 and 29.07.82, in the Löwenstein clinic, obtained anamneses by questioning a total of 5 patients with a histologically proven bronchial carcinoma. The respective ward doctors of those questioned were present.

In all cases, the patients' medical history fulfilled the 5 criteria of the “IRON RULE OF CANCER” established by Dr. med. Hamer.

Med. Direktor Dr. Nagory
Medical Superintendent

Translated by Ela Faulkner