Verification Vienna

Executive Board Prof.Dr. F. Kaindl 
A-1030 Vienna

It is confirmed that a conference consisting of

Mrs Prof. Dr. Mannheimer, Cardiologist. Univ. Clinic Vienna 
Prof. Dr. Pokieser, Central X-ray University of Vienna
O. A. Dr. Fitscha, Polyclinic, II. Med., Cardiology, Vienna
Prof. Dr. Imhof, Central X-ray, Computer Tomography 
Dr. Hamer, Internist, Rome

today agreed on a study which is to provide a rough estimate of the possible connection between heart attack, territorial conflict and changes in the brain, namely right-temporally in the form of a so-called HAMER Focus

The following 8 patients are included in this study:

From the Cardiological University Clinic Vienna (Prof. Kaindl)

  1. XXXXXX, 59 years, recent anterior myocardial infarction
  2. XXXXXX, 57 years, acute posterior myocardial infarction
  3. XXXXXX, 45 years, acute anterior myocardial infarction
  4. XXXXXX, 61 years, subacute anterior myocardial infarction

From the Polyclinic (Cardiology) of the II Medical Clinic of the City of Vienna (Prof. Dr. Tiso):

  1. XXXXXX, 50 years, 4 months old anterior wall infarct
  2. XXXXXX, 6-month-old posterior wall infarction
  3. XXXXXX, 60 years, recent small posterior wall infarction
  4. XXXXXX, 53 years, recent, extensive anterior wall infarction

With the exception of the last patient at the polyclinic, who is scheduled for a brain CT within the next few days, a brain CT was made in all patients - without a contrast.

It is planned to examine all patients at 6 week intervals.

Today's conference took note of the fact that, as evidenced by the signatures of the patients and doctors, the clinical progress, in particular that of the vegetative phase, corresponded to the course of the conflict in every case, so that - in accordance with the  IRON RULE OF CANCER - the heart attack always occurred only after the "territorial conflict" had been resolved. At this point in time, all patients were subjectively already in the best of health again (vagotonia).

The CT images of the brain did not seem clear in all cases, but in the majority of cases they seemed so striking that the conference considered this study desirable in order to get definite clarity about the connections.

In later studies, the various cerebral localisations of the anterior (further frontal) and posterior (further back) wall infarction may be investigated, once the correlations have been absolutely clarified.

Vienna, 1984 September 06 
Prof. Dr. E. Mannheimer

Translated by Ela Faulkner