Dr. Hamer to Stefan Lanka
"This is, in my eyes, the worst betrayal of our patients!"

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E-29120 Alhaurin el Grande

March 18th, 2006

To the
Mr. Stefan Lanka
Ludwig-Pfau-Str. 1 B
70176 Stuttgart

Hello Stefan,

I have taken note of your comments about me from the Klein-Klein publishing team. Si tacuissis!

Look, you barm that one must believe ..., just as most others barm that one must believe in conventional medicine.

(transl. note: the German word "barmen" is not often used today and means "to lament, to complain, to moan" in this sentence)

So you think that one should not call the suppressors of knowledge and mass murderers (Prof. Niemitz) by their names, just as one should not call the destroyers of our people by their names.

You think I broke my own back.

These are all stupid sayings, an insult to your intelligence. You know precisely what is wrong here.

I will prove it to you with your own example:

Recently, Mr. Lenz called me. I hope I am not talking too much out of the closet when I write the following:

I scolded that your interview was a lie, because it would insult his and you intelligence, if you were doing research on bird flu vaccination, knowing perfectly well that all vaccination would involve nothing more than a nationally planned chip implantation.

"Yes", said Lenz, "you would both know that very well, but for – tactical reasons – you should not have said that, because otherwise you would have got into trouble with the "thought police".  What is the point of such pathetic "Klein-Klein" lies?

(transl. note: the publishing team of Dr. Lanka was then called "Klein-Klein"; means "Little-Little")

Of course, both of you had also known that there is no "bird flu virus", particularly since you write in the meantime (correctly after the Germanic New Medicine) that there are no "pathogenic viruses".

But not only the approx. 1500 poor patients die in agony every day, our whole nation is systematically destroyed in many ways – at a rapid pace!

I find your whole talk/writing and your lies so unspeakably destructive! – This is, in my eyes, the worst betrayal of our patients! Lenz and you, you both stand by, see precisely what is going on here, and don’t say a single word!

Didn’t I set you a good example and served two times in prison, the 2nd time at the age of 70 – and now I have to let you tell me that I had broken my own back.

The second time, my opponents did not consider themselves too good having me condemned by the highest-ranking rabbi in France and to lock me up in the darkest, and at the same time largest (...) prison in France.

How many times do I have to tell you that this is not about me, but about mass murder? And that it is not by chance that a few criminal fools have organised this mass murder, together with the suppression of knowledge.

With your intelligence, you should be able to understand that.

Why should I have to sign in the concentration camp in France to renounce the Germanic New Medicine? Write no more books, have no more publishing house – of course, to leave the Germanische Heilkunde to others.

Don't you realise, Stefan, that if we had honest judges – which we don't have – hundreds of thousands of mass murderers, big and small, would be behind bars for life, including their accomplices; professors, judges, politicians, press, media etc. etc.?

Stefan, half the truth is always a whole lie!

La medicina sagrada, the Germanic New Medicine, does not need lies and half truths.


Geerd Hamer

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Translated by El Glauner

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18.03. - Dr. Hamer to Stefan Lanka
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