Events of the Year 2006

02/16/2006: Dr Hamer is released from the French prison Fleury-Mérogis and writes a letter to the Friends of the GERMANIC the day after. Quote: "Thank you all for standing up for me, for writing letters and encouraging me. I often wondered whether I would get out of this hell of psychoterror alive."

Europe's biggest prison

03/18/2006: Dr Hamer says in a letter to Stefan Lanka: "Well, yes", said Lenz, "we both knew that very well, but for – tactical reasons – we could not say that [Note: chip vaccination], because otherwise we would have got into trouble with the 'thought police'. What is the point of such pathetic "Klein-Klein"* lies?... This is, in my eyes, the worst betrayal of our patients!" [*Lanka's klein-klein publishing house]

June 2006: According to media reports, Victor Emanuel of Savoy, the man who murdered Dirk Geerd Hamer, has been arrested for fraud and exploiting prostitutes.

08/31/2006: The Sigmaringen Administrative Court dismisses Dr Hamer's application to enforce the 1986 judgment against the University of Tübingen.

11/06/2006: Meanwhile, more and more groups and associations are combining Dr Hamer's findings with alternative treatment methods, thus falsifying his discoveries while claiming to support Germanische Heilkunde.

12/21/2006: Dr Hamer publishes guidelines for Germanische Heilkunde.

2006: Giovanna Conti* discovers that almost all classical music composed by our great masters correspond with the second Biological Natural Law.

[* Note: G. Conti later mentioned Dr Hamer in a footnote in her second book... The events of 2023, as well as her collaboration with the person (Capetanis) who attacked Dr Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk (cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine), makes it superfluous to add any further comment].


Mag. Ewa Leimer, Info booth Vienna 2006

Translated by E.G.