Savoy Prince Taped Confessing Murder in Prison Cell

Novinite, September 11, 2006, Monday

Italy's onetime heir to the throne Victor Emmanuel of Savoy apparently hasn't learned the lesson of keeping his secrets to himself for he was taped bragging to a cellmate about committing a murder in France.

Emmanuel, who was jailed after tapped phone conversations linked him to cases of corruption and prostitution, was stripped of his title and head of the Italian monarchy, but continues to shock the nation.

In his latest revelations, taped with the help of a hidden microphone, Emmanuel confesses to killing of a German youngster that took place in France [comment: island cavallo] years ago. He was tried but acquitted, but now he himself admitted to the crime, boasting about how he "tricked" French authorities.

Prince Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, the son of Italy's last king and cousin of Bulgaria's former prime minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg, was arrested June 17 in Varenna, on Lake Como, at the request of prosecutor Henry John Woodcock. He was then transferred to Potenza in southern Italy.

The prince has been accused of corruption and trafficking of gambling machines and prostitutes. The name of Saxe-Coburg also got mixed up in the unfolding Savoy scandal.

In one of the tapped phone conversations that took the son of Italy's last king to jail, Italian entrepreneur Cerani told Emmanuel that he had given money to Saxe-Coburg's election campaign.

Transcripts of the conversation between Prince Victor Emmanuel and Italian businessman Cerani, published in Italian and Bulgarian media, show Saxe-Coburg had tried to sell his Vrana palace for EUR 100 M.

Saxe-Coburg denied the allegations but admitted that he has used Cerani's services - he had travelled in his plane.

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