Medical officer Dr. Stangl - brain CT scan analysis

This will confirm that we have searched for and verified a right testicular necrosis for Mr. [name] on the basis of a brain CT anamnesis and report of light tension on the right testicle but no further complaints of any kind from the patient.
According to the brain CT we can identify a cross between necrosis (active phase) and restoration of the necrosis (healing phase).

Dr. Stangl Willibald, Medical Officer Tulln (*Austria)

The large sharp ring is an artefact. Next to it, two HH’s in target configuration can be seen, clearly still in the ca-phase. The right one concerns a heart coronary ulcer (territorial conflict), the left one the right testicle (loss conflict). The patient had unexpectedly lost his mother, to whom he was very close. One can certainly see that the right target configuration is in the ca-phase. The left one, in contrast, is already somewhat swollen, and on the verge of going into resolution. This patient later suffered a heart attack at the lowest point of the pcl-phase .

Testicular carcinoma of the right testicle.

The right testicle shows practically nothing on the outside. The finger points to the site of necrosis.

Translated by El Glauner*