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Alhaurin el Grande, September 14, 2004

Declaration concerning the arrest of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

  • Dr. Hamer was arrested by the Spanish National Police on September 9 around 10 a.m., at his doorstep.
  • He was first taken to a jail in Malaga (Comisaria Central de la Policia Nacional, Plaza de Hazana).
  • According to a policeman from Malaga, the order came through Interpol from France to the Spanish Police.
  • Dr. Hamer spent one night in Malaga and shared his prison cell with a homosexual by whom he was hassled continually.
  • The morning of September 10, he was taken to Madrid where he was obviously considered to be a dangerous offender, as he was locked into a cold room for 8 hours, left wearing only his underwear, and received nothing to eat.
  • At present, the conditions of his detention are better and he is being treated decently. Considering the circumstances, he is doing relatively well.
  • In the meantime, his closest friends have put him in contact with a Spanish lawyer with whom Dr. Hamer feels comfortable with.
  • It has become known in the meantime that the court hearing in France, i.e. the appeal to the “Cour de Cassation” is by no means decided. According to his French lawyer, this could take another 2-3 years. Therefore, we are dealing here with a “preventive arrest” with the exclusive goal to extradite Dr. Hamer to France and to finally get him locked up in a psychiatric institution from where he may never leave again.

This has to be stopped under all circumstances!

The hasty arrest can not be truly justified on grounds of “risk of escape” since Dr. Hamer has been living at the same address for years and has never tried to leave from there, and he certainly has not been in hiding.

  • As well, the extradition papers give no reason as to why a prison term of 3 years was imposed. It is obvious that this has clearly been an arbitrary action, particularly as the authorities, if anyone, are most familiar with the laws.
  • The German authorities have not been supportive in any way – to the contrary.
  • Last Sunday, his closest friends were allowed to visit him and were able to talk to him for 40 minutes. Dr. Hamer was very pleased and touched by all the sympathy and solidarity. He gives his heartfelt thanks to all those supporting and helping him now, be it in their thoughts, through actions or through donations. And he is enthusiastic that so much is happening right now in regards to the Germanic New Medicine, because the GNM has never needed this help as urgently as now.
  • He also communicated that the last sentence in his new book “Cancer and All so-called Diseases. A Brief Introduction into the Germanic New Medicine” is meant exactly as it was written!
  • Dr. Hamer requested that the circumstances of his arrest may be announced to the public.

How did the sentencing and the arrest of Dr. Hamer come about?

Dr. Hamer is being accused by the “Tribunal de Grande Instance” in Chambéry, France, of “agitation against medical science and instigation of the New Medicine, with the purpose of its practice” (Investigation warrant [Ermittlungshaftbefehl] since 1993)

He is supposed to have committed a crime in France by writing in another country a French book on the New Medicine. The crime would have been committed in that he agreed in a telephone conversation with the president of ASAC (Association “Stop cancer”, France) to being sent CTs of a patient. In reality it was Dr. Hamer’s son Bernd, also a doctor, who had been speaking on the phone. His voice is very similar to the voice of his father.

The phone line had been (illegally) bugged by French or German authorities.

Following this, in response to the Chambéry public prosecutor’s request, seven years later but before the court case, French justice issued an international arrest warrant that would have forced Dr. Hamer to “witness” his own trial in handcuffs in the courtroom or from prison. However, the court summoned him two days too late, making it impossible for him to comply with the deadline. It is also important to mention that 10 days prior, his lawyer had not yet been able to access Dr. Hamer’s files.

Also, the court had already disregarded the verifications of the Universities of Vienna (1986), Düsseldorf (1992) and Trnava/Bratislava (1998) and kept them aside from the proceedings even before the trial, to be considered irrelevant as evidence. In fact, UNAFDI, the state Anti-sect department became an accessory prosecutor in the case.

Later, the French courts informed the Spanish authorities that Dr. Hamer’s extradition from Spain was planned, should he not be present at the next trial in district court.

This time, however, following the advice of his lawyer, Dr. Hamer did not attend by the deadline, as his health was not good enough.

Thereupon the original sentence of the year 2000 was revoked in Dr. Hamer’s absence, and the sentence was renewed to 18 months in prison, including 9 months probation, plus a financial penalty.

At the end of May 2004, something happened which may be unique and unprecedented in the history of jurisdiction: the French Appeals Court (Cour d’Appel de Chambéry) simply held the appeal hearing against Dr. Hamer without that either he or his lawyer had been called or even notified.

Dr. Hamer first learned about this hearing on May 27, 2004 when he received a faxed copy of a newspaper article with the title “Hamer in Hiding” (Hamer aux abonnes absents). He was found guilty of fraud and complicity in the illegal practice of medicine.

The public prosecutor had requested a long jail term in order to obtain a European arrest warrant. The previous sentence had been too short, because 9 months of the 18 where to be on probation. To secure a European arrest warrant a minimum penalty of 12 months without probation is needed.

On top of that, Dr. Hamer has been ordered to pay compensation in the amount of Euro 200.000 to people he has never seen and who are supposed to have suffered damages through his Germanic New Medicine or his books. Presumably this is also unique in the delivery of justice.

All this of course is based on the assumption that the Germanic New Medicine is false, although there is proof to the contrary. Yet the court refuses for the 10th time to order a proving of the correctness of the Germanic New Medicine on the basic of scientific evidence.

Instead, the lawyer for the Anti-sect department, Joelle V., lamented that ”the Germanic New Medicine finds further and further ways to spread via the Internet” and asked the question: “What can be done to stop Hamer – in the truest sense of the word?”

And Madame senior public prosecutor, Jakobine D., has requested from the court to sentence Dr. Hamer to a “long enough sentence to allow requesting a European arrest warrant”, literally, “at least one year in prison without probation”. She has even appealed to the European court to confirm in advance the minimum sentence of one year, to be imposed when the time will come.

Now the time has come!

In July 2004, the sentence was even increased and Dr. Hamer has been sentenced to 3 years in prison without parole for “fraud and illegal practice of medicine”. The real reasons why one wants to get a hold of Dr. Hamer are not these idiotic accusations, but solely the extermination of the Germanic New Medicine. For this, any means will do. The hope is that the capture and possible compulsory internment of Dr. Hamer in a psychiatric institution will put an end to the scientific feud between traditional medicine and the Germanic New Medicine – a feud that has become a political issue.

We will keep you informed.

PS.  Dr. Hamer is allowed to receive mail in prison from anywhere in the world. Even if he cannot answer letters, he would certainly be happy to receive them.

For those who would like to write, here is his address:

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Centro Penitenciario Madrid V
Apartado de Correos 200
Colmenar Viejo
E‑28770 Madrid