Demonstration in Munich

Demonstration in Munich, Sat 10/30/2004 from 2:00-6:00 p.m.

Various statements from participants of the demo

Meeting time 1 p.m. Münchner Freiheit, in front of house no. 18, subway line 3 + 6 Münchner Freiheit.

The organizers emphasized that it was not a demonstration against conventional medicine, but for the legalization of the New Medicine and the release of Dr. Hamer from prison.

The large demonstration parade moved slowly through Leopoldstraße, which was blocked in one direction. There were people from Hamburg, Tübingen and from the southernmost part of Germany. The many banners were mainly read by passengers of oncoming cars, who frequently stopped and asked for information leaflets.

The banners read, for example:

  • Freedom for Dr. Hamer
  • Judiciary scandal regarding Dr. Hamer
  • Freedom of treatment for patients and physicians
  • The University of Tübingen is urged to finally verify Hamer's findings
  • The medical field needs Dr. Hamer

and many more.

More and more open-minded people are becoming aware of Dr. Hamer and the New Medicine.

Conventional oncology must therefore be forced to accept the findings quickly. After decades of very expensive cancer research, oncology still relies on primitive medical treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Dr. Hamer is now introducing us to completely new insights about the development of cancer and its scientific treatment.

There were about 250 people present.

The "best" response to the following question: "May I hand you a leaflet about what the demonstration is about?" was "No thanks, I'm not interested. I'm a doctor and I make enough money."
Freedom for Dr. Hamer

First of all, I would like to congratulate all the people demonstrating in Munich – unfortunately you [? Pilhar] were not able to join us – but I would like to briefly describe my experiences and make some suggestions:

the demonstration fully compensated for the 2 and a half hours it took to get there.

There was a great atmosphere and the police were also very nice. Thanks to my giant banner, we were allowed to use the entire road and thus had much more space for the march.

The weather was fantastic and the people here in Munich were also very interested, there was hardly anyone who wasn't interested in an information leaflet.

The quote of the doctor on your homepage is a bit misleading. I dare say that 90% of people passing by were positive.

I also liked the confidence of the people handing out the leaflets at the side of the road, they did a great job.

It was also great, especially for me as a "young person", that not only older people were there, but also 20-30 years old people who lined the demonstration and thus made a colorful picture of the group. It was great that the New Medicine is spreading so well among people. At first I was afraid that there would be two of us among 50 old people representing the GNM. I was happy that this was not the case.

In any case, this was certainly not my last demo, Karlsruhe and Hamburg are a bit too far for me by train, but I do hope that the demo will take place in Tübingen. I really want to be there when 1000 or more people are on the streets.

With this in mind,

for Dr. Hamer and the New Medicine

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Translated by El G.