German "Miracle Healer" Arrested in Malaga

Friday 10 September 2004, 1:17 pm
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Grenoble (AFP) - Self-proclaimed German "miracle healer" Ryke Geerd Hamer apparently has been arrested in Malaga (Southern Spain). According to the Eastern French daily's "Le Dauphiné Libéré" report based on information supplied by the public prosecutor's office in Chambéry (French Alps), Hamer has been apprehended on a European arrest warrant. The Spanish authorities are said to have offered to soon extradite the 69-year-old to France.

On the 1st of July, the Chambéry Court of Appeal sentenced Hamer in absence to three years imprisonment for fraud and complicity in the illegal practice of medicine.

Hamer's arrest reportedly took place on Thursday. Four years ago, Hamer in absence was initially sentenced in France to a nine months prison term, a further nine months on probation and a fine of approximately 7000 euros. While the public prosecutors had demanded a longer sentence to enable a European warrant for Hamer's arrest to be issued, the penalty initially imposed wasn't sufficiently long: to issue a European arrest warrant, an unconditional minimum sentence of twelve months is required. This longer sentence has subsequently been imposed by the Court of Appeal.

In 1985, two female followers of Hamer's theories had founded the association "Halt Cancer" in Chambéry. According to the judicial authorities, several patients had died after following the women's advice to cut short their cancer treatments. Nine years ago, Hamer (who lost his MD licence in Germany in 1986) had caused a European-wide stir: on his advice, the parents of eight-year-old Olivia [Pilhar] had refused to go along with her scheduled hospital treatment for cancer and fled with their daughter to Spain. It took a judicial decision to enable the girl to be healed.

The Austrian Newspaper "Standard" published a similar article on Sept 12, 2004
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