Information Booth in Soest (Germany)

Information booth of the Soest Stammtisch (meeting group) for Germanic New Medicine, Sat 11/27/2004

Dear friends,

Last Saturday, our Stammtisch set up an information booth in our pedestrian zone in Soest. Our impressions:

1. Registration: The registration at the public order office was not an issue after an initial conversation

2. the booth was very nice and welcoming due to its colors.

3. we were there from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and had a gas stove for mulled wine to keep us warm (the atmosphere was great).

4. we were very discreet, calm and friendly, let people come and listen first, then we presented our arguments objectively. We had some very interesting conversations (also with medical doctors).

5. Information material: We mainly handed out information leaflets about our Stammtisch, but also had enough copies about some particular Special Programs (SBS). We expressly did not sell anything (anyone who is interested should come to the Stammtisch). We also had the large wall poster [Chart of Germanic New Medicine] with us and "foreign books" such as "Healing Forbidden, Killing Allowed" or "The Disease Inventors". Many people were able to relate to it.

Resume: It took little effort, was fun, good response.

Best wishes to all

Martin Pilters and Inge Römer

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Translated by El G.