Demonstration in Karlsruhe (Germany)

Saturday 11/13/2004, a demonstration took place in Karlsruhe.

It was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Seriously, it was really great, the weather forecast was terrible, but it wasn't that bad, we sent many prayers to heaven and occasionally the sun even came out, but we also had small hailstones... We had everything!

There were about 200 people present, great posters, the route was about 2.9 km, it was long, but everyone was totally motivated, such a community, amazing!!!!
The information booth was well attended, lots of signatures were collected, I'll have it translated into French now and then we'll send the Petition for Freedom to France!

We sang, talked a lot, Volker, Alice and Gerhard, it was all very moving and we will continue!!!!

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The banners read:

A Legacy for Humanity, Thank you Dr. Hamer!

Freedom for Dr. Hamer!

Press where are you? We would like to see neutral or non-biased reporting on Germanic New Medicine and the arrest of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer.

Further demonstrations are planned in Germany and abroad.

Translated by El G.