Demonstration in Heidelberg (Germany)

Demonstration in Heidelberg, Oct 15, 2005 - A Success!

We all came together, around 600 people. About 100 friends came from Italy!


The banners read:

Freedom for Dr. Hamer! Freedom to choose therapy

Germanic New Medicine
Dr. med. Mag theol Ryke Geerd Hamer

Officially verified 28 times
University confirms veracity
Suppressed for over 20 years!

Health is forbidden
Illness becomes a duty
Inform yourself as long as you are not in an SBS!

Song by Mr. Norbert Biehler

Premiere at the GNM demo in Karlsruhe on 11/13/2004, today (10/15/2005) at the demo in Heidelberg

Knowledge sets you free
(Melody: Die Gedanken sind frei;
dedicated to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer)
People are free,
E7 A
to decide for themselves.
E7 A
helps with its knowledge.
E7 A
That's why we must dare,
E7 A
to tell many.
The reason is this:
E7 A
Knowledge sets you free!

I tell you what I know,
what you are denied to know!
Upright and not quiet,
so that you shall hear!
You should not avoid
to decide for yourselves!
Stick to it:
Knowledge sets you free!

And if I am locked up
in a dark dungeon...(!)
All this is pure,
vain works!
For my thoughts
Tear down the barriers
and walls in two!
Knowledge sets you free!

Translated by El G.