Demonstration in Tübingen (Germany)

Demonstration in Tübingen, May 14, 2005 - A remarkable success!

Greetings from Dr. Hamer (only German)

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Image 1: "24 years of suppression and corruption! - Dean Schaich" (Schaich was the rector of the University in Tübingen at that time)
[H. Pilhar: Instead of creating knowledge, the University of Tübingen prevents real science! This university will go down in history as a university for nothing - a "Nulliverisät" or "zero university" (Dr. Hamer).]

Image 2: LIBÉRER LE Dr HAMER, Reconnaissance de la Nouvelle Médecine
Image 4: Cancer can be cured - but not combated! Stop the holocaust of GUILT medicine! 24 years of lies and silence on the part of the UNI Tübingen!
Germanic New Medicine - NOW!
[H. Pilhar: The double standards of our rulers; nobody - neither the media, nor the medical profession, nor politicians or church leaders and other "moralizers" question the current situation of our children suffering from cancer! They are taken from their parents by using police force and have to undergo experimental pseudo-therapy with toxic gas derivatives. The few who survive are mostly sterilized.]

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[H. Pilhar: The Italians! They generated a great atmosphere - well done! But there were people from France, Austria and Switzerland too.]

H. Pilhar: According to the police there were approx. 1200 demonstrators. Apart from a few minor incidents (the police once chased after a group of Anti-Fascist counter-activists. These Anti-Fascists handed out their leaflets before the demonstration started).

The balloons worked their magic - especially on the children ;-)

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Image 13:
In Germany, 1500 people die of cancer every day. If Germanic New Medicine were applied, 95% of them could survive.

H. Pilhar: The sudden rain made things difficult for us, but only temporarily.
Many thanks to all those who worked weeks in advance to make this demonstration for Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's GERMANIC NEW MEDICINE a success.

It was overwhelming!

Translated by El G.