Information Booth in Cologne

Information booth of the Cologne Stammtisch (regulars' table, meeting group) for Germanic New Medicine®
Sat Feb 12, 2005

Our information booth was located in a quiet pedestrian passage, which was completely roofed over at a height of around 15 metres. As expected, there were not as many passers-by due to the unpleasant weather conditions.

Nevertheless, the information booth attracted many passers-by.

Our concept of not reaching out to people, but being approached by them, has worked well.

Most of the conversations were very positive.

Retired people, mothers, teachers, young people, even an oncologist (!) were interested in what the GNM has to offer – only the oncologist was a little distanced and handed back the invitation to H. Pilhar's next lecture "because of another appointment".

One passer-by should also be mentioned who did not agree with our campaign. He wished us "behind bars" and pointed at the banner that read: "No compulsory chemo! – Freedom of treatment for our children too" with the comment: "That's fooling the people!" He called the police on his cell phone, but they made it clear to him that our campaign was legal.

Our relatively large info group from the Cologne Stammtisch (regulars' table) with participants from outside Cologne had a lot of fun with this project and agreed that we would do it again soon – when the wheater is a bit more pleasant.

Günter Klein

Translated by El G.