Information Booth in Erlangen (Germany)

Information booth of the Erlangen Stammtisch (meeting group) for Germanic New Medicine®
Sat 02/05/2005

Freedom for Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Hi Helmut, dear friends of Germanic New Medicine

As I wrote last time, our Erlangen motto for 2005 is
GESUNDHEIT erleben, Gesundheit ERLANGEN :
The city has put up extra flags for our information booth?

Here are some pictures from the information booth in Erlangen in February 2005.

For the carnival Saturday we had balloons with us, which were in great demand because they had appealing colors and flew so nicely.

Many people expressed their thanks for our efforts and encouraged us.

Our thoughts fly beyond the balloons, all the way to Dr. Hamer in Paris.
Soon the crocuses will bloom!

Best regards

Translated by El G.