Before 1981 - Brief Overview

  • 05/17/1935: Born in Mettmann near Düsseldorf as third of 6 boys
  • 1953:  A-levels in Krefeld, followed by studies in medicine, Protestant theology and physics in Tübingen.
  • 1957: Master of Theology in Erlangen, marriage to Sigrid Oldenburg, who gives birth to 4 healthy children, 2 boys, 2 girls, in the following years.
  • 1959: Son Dirk is born on 11.03. He passes his medical state examination in Marburg and then becomes an assistant doctor in the Gießen Women's and Polyclinic and in Tübingen in the Surgery, Neurosurgery, Psychiatric, Medical and Neurological Clinic.
  • 1961: At the age of 26 he received his licence to practise medicine.
  • 1963: He is awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the University of Tübingen.
  • 1972: Specialist in internal medicine.

He draws attention to himself with several patents: a massage bed that adapts to the shape of the body, a device for trans-cutaneous serum diagnostics, a special bone saw and the Hamer scalpel that is 20 times as sharp as a razor blade.

  • 1976: Dr. Hamer moves to Rome with his family, a dream come true: Dr. Hamer and his wife wanted to open a practice for poor people in the slums of Naples to treat sick people free of charge. For the 20th "engagement day" he reminded his Sigrid of their time together in the love song “Mein Studentenmädchen” ("My student girl"), which he had written himself.
  • 08/18/1978: In the morning at 3:00 o'clock Dirk Hamer, son of Ryke Geerd Hamer, gets shot or fatally wounded in his sleep by the Italian Crown Prince V. E. of Savoy. The agony lasted almost four months.
  • 12/07/1978: Dirk dies in the arms of his father in the Surgical University Hospital Heidelberg. Dr. Hamer: "The darkest day in my life. ... As I know today, I suffered a loss conflict with testicular cancer back then".
  • 1979: Dr. Hamer lies down seriously ill after 2 operations. According to conventional medicine, there is less than 1% chance of survival after peritoneal TB. At this time he receives a visit from Mr. Pütz Siedel (editor-in-chief Bunte) on behalf of the Savoy family to obtain Dr. Hamer's waiver of his joint plaintiff status. Otherwise he and his family are threatened with being expelled from Rome, his reputation completely destroyed, financially ruined and if necessary he is killed. Dr Hamers refuses.

Break-in into the apartment of the Hamer family in Weiterstadt: almost all private documents were robbed. It was obvious that incriminating material was to be found here with which the Hamer family could be blackmailed. The burglars had a business card of the lawyer Gaub, German lawyer of the family of the Prince of Savoy and close friend of Franz Josef Strauß.

Dr. Hamer's patents are being blocked..

The family is brutally evicted from their apartment in Rome by police.


Two years after Dirk's death

Black Forest, December 7, 1980, 5 p.m.

Dirk - my son

Two years ago was the darkest day of my life, the darkest hour of my life! My beloved Dirk died in my arms. Nothing before and nothing after was as terrible, as unspeakably devastating as this hour. I thought it would perhaps slowly subside, this feeling of helplessness, of abandonment, of infinite sadness. But it is still getting stronger. I can no longer be the man I was.

My poor son, what have you been through, what have you suffered, without ever complaining with a single word. What would I have given to die in your place. Every night you die anew in my arms, 730 nights since then you have died by my side, and every time I did not want to let you go from my arms, and always the gruesome fate took you. Every time I stood helplessly at the end and cried as I did two years ago, as unrestrained and stunned as I cried between all the seriously ill patients and the crude and merciless doctors and nurses who only let me see you to die.

Oh, you wonderful boy, you died like a king, proud, great and yet so kind, despite all the pain, despite all the tubes in all your veins, arteries, despite the intubation tube1, despite the terrible decubitus2. You have only shaken your head to brush aside the perfidy and malice of your tormentors:

"Papa, they're evil, very evil."

In the last few days you only spoke with your eyes, but I understood every word you said. Did you understand everything I told you last, that mum and dad love you endlessly and that we will always stay together and do everything together? And that you have to be very strong now and have to take a long sleep? You nodded, and I'm sure you understood everything, despite your agony.

Only once, when you had already closed your eyes and felt my tears dripping on your face and heard me crying, you shook your head a slightly unwillingly. Were you trying to tell me:

"Papa, you shouldn't cry. We will always be together!"

I am not ashamed, my boy, not in front of anyone. I cry many times when nobody sees me. Do not be angry with me. I know you have never seen your father cry. But now I am your apprentice too and I am sadly proud of you, with what dignity you have gone before us through the great gate of death. But even such pride cannot calm my despair when you die in my arms every night, leaving me behind in despair.

1 - insertion of a special tube into the trachea or a main bronchus
2 - lack of blood circulation due to chronic, local pressure (bedriddenness)