New Cancer Treatment: 97% Success

Courage, No.1, Volume 4, 01/13/1989

Austrian physicians confirm that the "Iron Rule of Cancer" by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, Cologne, Germany, shows potential for success.

Five Austrian physicians showed courage and scientific fairness by accepting a new medical approach, examining it and finally verifying and confirming its reproducibility. Thus, Dr. Hamer can no longer be hushed up or denounced as a quack doctor.

Dr. Hamer is still fighting for his personal professional rehabilitation. Without trial, he has been banned from his profession for two years a blatant mistake of the German judiciary. Seventy documented cases, countersigned by university professors, have been removed by the University of Tübingen (Germany). He has filed a lawsuit against the University of Tübingen for deliberate scientific fraud. He speaks of German gulag methods when he talks about his patients who have been interrogated by the Kripo (German criminal police). And so he rebels not only against orthodox medicine, which is inhumane and rigid in many respects, but also against personal and institutional abuse of power, which tries to "turn injustice into justice".

Translated by El Glauner