Roland Ropers FILE NOTE

Management Consulting

March 17, 1989


Subject: Trial Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer % University Tübingen

On March 15, 1989, the trial of Dr. Hamer % the University of Tübingen was supposed to take place in Tübingen.
With flimsy excuse the date of the trial was postponed at short notice.

However, it was possible to rent the AUDIMAX of the University of Tübingen at short notice for the same date. There, Dr. Hamer presented his cancer diagnosis method to an audience of doctors, patients and other interested guests.

I wrote to 48 editors-in-chief of well-known German daily and weekly newspapers, television and radio stations, etc. inviting them to this event on March 15, 1989 with detailed documentation.
I repeatedly sent out this invitation by express letters and faxes in order to emphasise the importance of this event.

I note that only 1 reporter from a regional radio station showed up.
None of the other invitations was responded to and were simply ignored.

The opinion of many people present at the AUDIMAX on March 15, 1989:

The German press is afraid of objectively reporting on the Hamer case!

Roland Ropers

Translated by El Glauner