"Iron Rule of Cancer"
SCHWÄBISCHES TAGBLATT (Tübingen), 03/14/1989

TÜBINGEN. "Eight years of habilitation and no end? - The Iron Rule of Cancer", is the topic of a lecture that will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 11 a.m., in the Audimax of the Neue Aula. The lecturer will be the internist Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, whose habilitation thesis, based on this "Iron Rule of Cancer", was unanimously rejected by the habilitation committee of the Tübingen Clinical Faculty in 1982 "for methodological and factual reasons". However, the reproducibility of this rule had not been tested on patients. This rule basically says that every cancer "is caused by a Dirk Hamer Syndrome, i.e. a very severe, highly acute, isolative shock experience which catches us unexpectedly or 'on the wrong foot'". In 1986, the University was sentenced by the Sigmaringen Administrative Court to repeat the habilitation procedure but this has not yet happened. Another lawsuit filed by Hamer against the university for false pretenses, deliberate scientific fraud and other charges was supposed to be brought to court tomorrow in Tübingen, but was postponed at short notice. Instead, now the lecture.

Translated by El Glauner