The Sovereignty of Germany?

This documentation presents a very good summary. It raises many questions that can only be clarified by getting to the bottom of things yourself. Do you want to be free?
We all have to start informing and judging the legal and historical facts ourselves! By publishing this video we want to encourage people to think for themselves.

Quotes by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer:

"Germanische Heilkunde® is not possible without a constitutional state, and a constitutional state is not possible without Germanische Heilkunde®.“

"In this spiritual moonscape, Germanische Heilkunde® will guide us back to our intuitive, individual abilities, to the natural-biological coexistence of all living beings, which we lost." 

"Germanische Heilkunde® has always been the Heilkunde of freedom!"



  • The video says: experiments were carried out in Ausschwitz that were the basis of todays chemo-"therapy". How is it possible that pharmaceutical companies, such as BAYER (IG Farben), who financed WW2, are still allowed to continue their billion-dollar business today? (05:50-11:00)
  • How is it possible that after the so-called liberation many Nazis worked for the US government and high-ranking Nazis were given high-ranking positions in the FRG? (25:40, 40:40)
  • Who are the heads of the clinics nowadays, when after WW2, the euthanasia expert in Schleswig-Holstein becomes the head of the University Children's Hospital? (44:00)
  • At Higher Regional Court, three senat presidents, who were former Wehrmacht lawyers, held offices... and so on. Who or what makes this possible? (47:25)
  • Is Germany a NGO? (1:04:00)