Attack on the publishing house Amici di Dirk No.1

On February 22, 2023, we (Germanische Heilkunde Working Group) were informed by an e-mail (sent to us) that a "correction" by someone called Nick Capetanis was circulating on Telegram (Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy German...) – and that we should clarify the situation and/or apologise. When we read through this "correction", it became clear to us that Mr. Capetanis was attacking the publishing house Amici di Dirk®, Bona Hamer and the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde.

⇢ PDF-document "Correction" Capetanis, published on Telegram 02/17/2023 (publication in English on 03/12/2023, Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy English)

Quote Capetanis: Dear friends, dear people interested in teh Germanische Heilkunde according to Dr. Hamer, in view of the rumors that have recently been circulating on the net, we are taking the liberty of addressing the allegations here. Please read first the unfounded accusations of the working group and then the correction of Nick Capetanis. First the lines of the working group, then the CORRECTION. GHk Pilhar Academy

Correction - Capetanis


thank you very much for writing to us!

First of all: Dr. Hamer had never used the abbreviation GH or GHk for his discovery, the Germanische Heilkunde. We also do not know who Nick Capetanis is. But the statement "he would have worked beside Dr. Hamer on different projects" does not correspond to the truth, Bona Hamer cannot confirm this.

If a person is independent, he does not need academies for the Germanische and not even the educational program that Ewa Leimer has developed, which however admittedly simplifies the independent learning by a lot and in the meantime is already copied by the copiers and alleged disseminators of the Germanische. The first example of it is in Poland.

We have published on the subject the information "Honesty and Intellectual Property" on the web page.

What comes through with all self-proclaimed therapists and so-called helpers is the concealment of the entire suppression of knowledge or the political issues.

"His warm and friendly nature is sorely missed by all of us." - We can sympathize with you very much.

Kind regards, Your Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde


Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde,
I am very sorry to find that information such as the allegations above in social media channels do not represent or refer to the truth,These accusations are completely groundless. Please allow me to present my point of view, according to the facts as I experienced them, before I come to the accusations that finally concern my person.

● The working group of the publishing house is of the opinion that there is actually no need for lectures, seminars as well as trainings about Germanische Heilkunde in order to bring Dr. Hamer's discovery closer to mankind.

● The working group is also of the opinion that every person can and should acquire the knowledge by themselves, since sufficient literature would be made available from the publisher, which teaches the original material of the Germanische Heilkunde.

● The working group further points out that only the educational program of Ewa Leimer is helpful to promote this self-reliance.

In other words, the efforts of all others are not desirable, rather useless, and are, therefore, worthless.

Helmut Pilhar, in the closest possible cooperation with Dr. Hamer, was appointed as the lecturer of theory (science) at Dr. Hamer’s Sandefjoerd University. He dedicated his life to the teachings of Germanische Heilkunde. The question now arises as to why Dr. Hamer appointed Helmut as faculty in his university in the first place. Helmut Pilhar had spent 25 years in consultation with Dr. Hamer, spreading the knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde in German-speaking countries. Helmut created viable seminars and webinars and he developed the study group network.He also sold many of Dr. Hamer’s books which supported the publishing house to a very large extent. Without this educational work performed by Helmut Pilhar, the spread of Germanische Heilkunde would be only a fraction of what it is today.

Furthermore, I would like to mention here that learning Germanische Heilkunde through literature alone, according to my personal experience of over 20 years, is impossible for at least 90% of the people in the world. Quite apart from this, in the last six years, the publisher has completely failed to provide sufficient literature including books and other materials to meet the demand. It is also striking that when it comes to foreign languages, there is hardly any literature available to the English and Spanish speaking population. I quote Dr. Hamer on this: "If the Publishing House does not provide any books, this would be a catastrophe!"

It goes without saying, therefore, how contrary to the common good these statements are in relation to the GHk Pilhar Academy and its further efforts. The GHk Pilhar Academy fully serves the dissemination of the life's work of Dr. Hamer as well as the teaching mandate and the life's work of Helmut Pilhar.

Concerning the statement of the working group that I, Nick Capetanis, am spreading untruths, I would like to note that I wrote a letter to Bona Hamer on January 31, 2023. In this letter, I offered her my services to expand the website of Amici di Dirk free of charge and also offered an additional service for her to consider. If we had not done certain projects together in the past when Dr. Hamer was still among us, proving my trustworthiness towards Dr. Hamer, the publishing house, and Bona, such a request would have been foreign to me. With pleasure I expected Bona's feedback, yet, instead of her answer, I have received silence and then these lines of slander.

Without going further into it for the time being, I hold that there are many proofs, which prove our repeated cooperation and which are also available to Bona Hamer.

Lastly, I would like to address the following statement, the working group writes:
"What comes through in all self-proclaimed therapists and so-called helpers is the concealment of the entire knowledge suppression or the political issues."
The working group requires the so-called helpers not to conceal political issues. In the Germanische Heilkunde Pilhar Akademie, we actually included political issues in the first two live classes that we held. In addition, there will be forums/areas specifically for the purpose of discussing political topics including the suppression of knowledge to which I have already publicly commented. I find it just too grotesque that a working group whose members do not identify themselves by name but instead stay hidden , behind the name "working group," simply defame others who are publicly committed to the dissemination of this suppression of knowledge.

I cannot imagine that Dr. Hamer would ever have wished for such cowardly representatives or "collaborators.". I allow myself to make this staemement because I knew him and his attitude very well from personal conversations...

In summary, I conclude: The statements concerning academies are baseless and do not correspond to Dr. Hamer's conception, since they serve only the suppression of knowledge. The shortage of literature and material in different languages according to the demand is a catastrophe and also serves the suppression of knowledge.

The spreading of lies and defamation of my person are easy to refute. Bona Hamer knows about my relationship to Dr. Hamer very well as we all worked together.

For 5 years, Helmut Pilhar was presented as the murderer of the king (Dr. Hamer), which then turned out to be a huge lie. In the same vein, I am presented as a liar. Is there a system behind this? I believe that the people, who hide behind the name “working group” while responsible for everything mentioned above, are certainly not worthy to represent Dr. Hamer's gift to mankind. Whether all this is in the sense of Dr. Hamer, this question rises by itself!

⇢ PDF-document "Correction" Capetanis, published on Telegram 02/17/2023 (publication in English on 03/12/2023, Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy English)