Defence against Attack No.5 and No.6

Lesson in Word Twisting, is published on 04/30/2023 by the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde (created 04/27/2023). Before watching the video, please be aware of how many times Mr Capetanis uses the word lie and liar in all his letters and in the zoom video when referring to Bona Hamer and the Working Group. By the way, speaking very fast (many words) is also a technique of manipulation. This prevents people from reflecting on the information and as a result the chosen information is planted directly in people's brains.

Quote by Dr Hamer:

I will faithfully pass on your [Dirk's] legacy and make sure that it remains unadulterated, both in terms of the findings and in terms of uprightness and honesty.

(Lesson in Word Twisting. See English translation below the video.)



(00:09) Quote Capetanis: "Are there any questions? Let me take a look at the chat. Does Ewa Leimer write these long statements about Nick and the Academy?"

The statement of the «Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde» was probably too long for some people. Obviously, they did not manage to read all the way through. So, once again:

The Working Group runs Dr Hamer's international website, with permission from the Amici di Dirk® publishing house to use Dr Hamer's texts and graphics, but is independent of the publishing house. We have no financial or other business relationship with each other. The relationship of all members of the Working Group and Bona Hamer is one of friendship and we meet as equals, as is common among Germanic people. We all work voluntarily for Germanische Heilkunde and have neither leaders nor masters, gurus, cult leaders or any other kind of management.

And although we write our articles for people who can read, reflect and think for themselves... and who are not discouraged by long articles, we will try to keep it short this time.

The topic:
"Lesson in Word Twisting".

As a basis we will not use the misleading representation of the statements of the Working Group or the statements of Bona Hamer, but directly the misleading representation of a statement from Dr Hamer. We know that Dr Hamer used to write very complicated sentences. Many of them are as long as a whole paragraph but in this case it is about a very simple sentence. It is an absolutely clear statement. One would expect that everyone is able to understand its meaning.


"Academies, universities or any other groups or associations concerning Germanische Heilkunde are not yet purposeful, as they are immediately infiltrated in our system of injustice."

The meaning is crystal clear: In our system of injustice, any academies, universities or similar groups or associations that could be dangerous to the system are immediately infiltrated. To put it even more simply: The head of the association is replaced and the masses follow the head in a direction that is not dangerous for the system – or the association is destroyed, for example by internal conflict. If infiltration does not work, as it had been the case with Dr Hamer, the organisation gets criminalised and banned. This is what has happened with the University of Sandefjord. For understanding the backgrounds, we highly recommend studying the book "One against all" („Einer gegen alle“). We can also recommend the articles by Georg Kausch, a long-time friend of Dr Hamer.

And now you will experience the art of word twisting by Mr Capetanis, which is unparalleled. Bravo, Mr Capetanis! Please listen carefully:

(04:50) Quote Capetanis: „Well, and then there is a quote from Dr Hamer below: «Academies, universities or any other groups or associations concerning Germanische Heilkunde are not yet purposeful, as they are immediately infiltrated in our system of injustice.» And that... There, they fire again against themselves. That's exactly what's written here: «... are not yet purposeful.» You see, that does not mean that academies won't be purposeful in the future. «Are not yet purposeful.» They are referring here to Dr Hamer, who says that, but who has founded a university himself, and then they tell us that our academies are not purposeful at all, and that we should stop, because that serves the suppression of knowledge. But he wrote: «... are not yet purposeful».
He wanted to have one* [*a university]. But unfortunately it was not possible at that time. Well, nowadays it's easier. Right? This is a statement from about 10 years ago. Today it is easier. You see, nowadays we have online... In fact, we don't even need buildings. Nowadays, buildings are not getting closed any more. We have online access to such trainings.This allows us to spread this knowledge. That is certainly not serving the suppression of knowledge. Certainly not. I wonder what else is serving the suppression of knowledge. Maybe that the books are not printed. But we will discuss that later on..."

What was that? Can you believe what you just heard? So, it's that easy to twist the meaning of a statement that doesn't suit you? After this short demonstration of Mr Capetanis we finally know what Dr Hamer meant with the statement: "Academies, universities or any other groups or associations concerning Germanische Heilkunde are not yet purposeful, because technologically we are not that advanced yet!"

No, this has nothing to do with the regime of injustice! It has only to do with the circumstance that 10 years ago we lived in the stone age! And now we have the required technology – and academies, universities or any other groups or associations can no longer be infiltrated!

If you believe that, you believe anything!

For all of you who are now worried that the publishing house is distorting Dr Hamer's books ...such a question arose too!...
[Translator's note: Because of the attack campaign by Mr Capetanis discrediting the publishing house Amici-di-Dirk, people who believe Capetanis' statements also believe that the publishing house has been infiltrated and that the books published by the publishing house are distorted.]

Well, folks, as we just have seen, it is not even necessary to alter the text for to change its meaning. All you need is a skillful storyteller and, of course, people who are lacking in independence, – exactly that is what the system (regime) wants –, and for whom it is an insurmountable thing to read an extensive text independently or at least to try to understand the meaning of it.

In view of this brilliant word twisting, the following questions arise:

  1. Does Mr Capetanis have a reading comprehension deficit?
  2. Or is Mr Capetanis only having difficulty understanding Dr Hamer's writings?
  3. Or did Mr Capetanis deliberately manipulate this statement by Dr Hamer?

We cannot answer these questions, nor do we want to claim anything.

But no matter what the answer would be, the following question arises:

If Mr Capetanis manages to distort Dr Hamer's original German writings like he just did, what will be the quality of his translations into English?

By the way, the headquarters of the University of Sandefjord was Dr Hamer's own house – and this house had never been set on fire. Bona cannot remember the fire either.

However, after the following sentimental statement that Mr Capetanis performed with such honest eyes, one might doubt reality. 

(09:39) Quote Capetanis: "Dr Hamer has established a university – Sandefjord. When I was in Norway, he showed me the location. Unfortunately, it had been set on fire a month before he showed me..." 

We wonder if Mr Capitanis can give us the address of the university that burnt down, since Dr Hamer showed him the place?


Despite his many words and furious indignation including threatening gestures, Mr Capetanis has failed to specify his "project activities". So we do that in his place:

(10:25) Quote Capetanis: "Translation: Of what exactly? With what exactly did you contribute?" Translating the whole book was half a year's work! ...half a year's work."

"Project" no. 1: Thanks to his sisters-in-law, Dr Hamer had a little trust in Mr Capetanis and so he asked him if he could replace the term "Germanic New Medicine" with the term "Germanische Heilkunde" in the Greek translation of the book "Cancer and All So-Called Diseases". The book had already been translated by a Greek woman and the publishing house Amici di Dirk® had paid for it (there is evidence of this). In addition, Mr Capetanis has apparently proofread and made some amendments. Of course, these amendments both Dr Hamer and Bona Hamer did not suggest, as Dr Hamer only knew Ancient Greek and Bona Hamer no Greek at all, so neither of them could understand the translation. No one knows why Dr Hamer did not publish this translation in the end...

(12:14) Quote Capetanis: "It was about a video, the interview between Giovanna Conti and Geerd Hamer, and of course we had to add the subtitles. The video had to be translated from German into English. And the subtitles had to be added. At that time we didn't have so much technology, or there has not been available a lot. You can see, we had to do everything by hand...for the video. It was a lot of work, indeed. Analysing everything, documentation, translating, inserting."

"Project" no. 2: It seems that Mr Capetanis also made the subtitle control of the German subtitles of a video (he did not link to the video, so Bona Hamer is not sure which video he is talking about). He did not add the subtitles because otherwise he would have known that adequate software for adding subtitles already existed 12 years ago.

Mr Capetanis can certainly promote himself with these "project tasks" for Dr Hamer. No one wants to deny that.

Nevertheless, his statement that "he had worked on various projects alongside Dr Hamer" is not the truth. Dr Hamer did not participate in the "Greek Translation Project", he paid for the translation. Nor did Dr Hamer participate in the "subtitle project"...

Dr Hamer was a scientist and his "project" was GERMANISCHE HEILKUNDE.

Quotes by Dr Hamer's longtime friend, Georg Kausch:

"How many discoveries did Dr Hamer make in the field of Heilkunde? Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? I cannot count them. I think Dr Hamer can't either."

"And again it was Dr Hamer alone who achieved all the research results with the Magic Song "Mein Studentenmädchen". Just like back then when he discovered the "Iron Rule of Cancer", the "Hamer Foci", the Five Biological Laws of Nature, etc. No one made things easier for him. No one can compete with him.” 


(15:25) Quote Capetanis: "Yes, yes. I mean, isn't it interesting? There is always this story about the publishing house or Geerd Hamer that he never wanted to make money." 

Who said that Dr Hamer never wanted to earn money? Of course he had to earn money. Otherwise, how would it have been possible to print and publish the books that have already saved the lives of so many people? Without these books, Germanische Heilkunde would not exist today.

How could he possibly earn a living without his medical license, being imprisoned twice and forced to seek refuge in exile? He had no income from the copyrights either. Dr Hamer did not have in mind to make money with the copyrights, but to protect his discovery. But not only did he lose every court case against those who infringed the copyright and had to pay the court costs – he also had to pay for the copyrights to own them.

Dr Hamer did not want to make money with treating patients, that is true, and all his patients know that.

You cannot help but be taken aback by the way they defend their right to earn money, how meticulously they calculate the percentages. And how outraged they are when others take advantage of this work or even publish it without permission.

But they "simply forget" that they are using the work of Dr Hamer and that without Dr Hamer there would be no Germanic to make money with. They wouldn't even consider that Dr Hamer and now his legal heir Bona Hamer also have to receive a share.

Those of you who listen to all this without saying anything or even applauding it, where is your sense of justice, honesty and truthfulness? Have you lost your intuition? Has the regime of injustice already made you lose your intuition?

How many times has Dr Hamer been in court?

He fought constantly for the recognition and legalisation of Germanische Heilkunde – for all mankind. Court cases, legal costs, lawyers' fees never make you rich. These costs – remember, for all of us – were financed with the income of the publishing house.

Listen for yourself what Dr Hamer says about his publishing house.

  • (18:54) Excerpt from the interview "Mein Studentenmädchen":

Quote Julianna: "It is unfortunate that out of all your books, which have been published in several languages, only a few were translated into English and only one, but the most important one, the Scientific Chart, could be translated into Hungarian as well. The reason may be that your own publishing house Amici di Dirk®, could not always afford to finance your books."
Quote Dr Hamer: Yes, we can even say, the publishing house is poor, and the thieves are making millions, right?

(19:25) Quote Capetanis: "And doing that for 20 years... earning 5, 6, 7 million with the publishing house..."

So Mr Capetanis also knows how much profit the publishing house Amici di Dirk® has made – very interesting! – and creates a certain mood with this statement.

(19:44) Quote Capetanis: "And no one has the right to earn money, only Bona, only the publishing house is allowed to earn money. Everyone else has to work on a voluntary basis. To some extent, we also contributed on a voluntary basis. Right?"

No one HAS TO work on a voluntary basis. Dr Hamer always paid for other people's work, including for selling books... Those who wanted to contribute voluntarily were not forced to do so and that has not changed with Bona Hamer. Everyone who volunteers decides for themselves whether they want to help or not – including the Working Group.

And by the way, we are not working for the publishing house and not for Bona Hamer, but for Germanische Heilkunde. We are working for a better world, for us and for our children. Why should Bona Hamer pay us for this work? But at the same time we know that our friends in the Germanic community will always help us if necessary.

(21:20) Quote Capetanis: "And the 50,000 are actually peanuts compared to what it actually... if it really goes to court, then what will be the outcome? They should carefully consider in what way they want to proceed with this. If they have enough sponsors, then they can do it."

Obviously, Mr Capetanis is not afraid to pay the court costs. Has he already earned so much with the discovery of Dr Hamer without sharing a penny with the publishing house and Dr Hamer's legal successor – or does he have enough sponsors?

And now let's talk about Bona Hamer:

A quote from the book "Mein Studentenmädchen" 2nd edition 2015. Quote Dr Hamer:

„I would like to express my gratitude to my assistant and friend for 15 years, Bona García Ortín, for her tireless help. Without her help, the book would not have been published. The 2nd edition of double length would also not exist without Bona. Great thanks to you, Bona, for this historic book, probably the greatest therapeutic discovery in the history of medicine, perhaps in the entire history of the world!

Considering that this book can help many people, I can't be grateful enough to you, Bona."

To all the people who have a negative opinion of Bona and criticise her even though they don't know her: 

Ask yourselves why you have such an opinion of Bona Hamer? Why have you adopted this opinion even though you don't know her?

Why might someone be interested in speaking negatively about Bona Hamer?

Because she always defended Dr Hamer? – And now is defending Germanische Heilkunde?

To all hatemongers who said that Bona Hamer is unstable and senile during this infamous conference: People who know Bona Hamer appreciate her clear and sharp mind, her intuition and her loyalty to Dr Hamer. Better ask yourselves if you ever had any brains when you let yourselves be fooled by such crude and primitive manipulation.

If you don't know Bona Hamer you should watch the following short clip.

Here you get an impression of how devoted she was to Dr Hamer and how she reacted to someone who tried to manipulate or cheat her.

  • Videoclip with Bona Hamer (Please click ⇢ Interview)

Let's move on to me, the Russian translator
of the Working Group, who is the spokesperson for the Working Group in this video.

(26:44) Quote Capetanis"Holledauer is not a member of the Working Group? I don't know, his... well, the last statement I read is that his wife is the Russian translator of the Working Group. At least that's what I once read on the website."

In view of the fact that Mr Capetanis claims in the lawyer's letter to know the members of the Working Group, his statement is quite surprising, because I have never been Johann Holledauer's wife and I am not now. However, Mr Capetanis' assertion that he has read this information on the website can only be classified as "false allegations of fact".


Although Mr Capetanis tried to pretend in his meeting that the Working Group had backed down, this is absolutely not the case. But we have already witnessed the word-twisting skills of Mr Capetanis.

The fact is: at the time we (Germanische Heilkunde Working Group) sent the private reply to the private request, we knew practically nothing about Mr Capetanis. In the last few days, however, we were forced to finally get to know him.

We asked Bona Hamer if a Mr Capetanis "worked on various projects alongside Dr Hamer" and she truthfully replied, "No, he didn't."

Germanische Heilkunde Working Group, April 27, 2023