Attack on the publishing house Amici di Dirk No.6

Publication of a "Conclusion" on Telegram ("Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy German") April 21, 2023. In this Conclusion, he once again attacks the publishing house Amici di Dirk® by using such words as "lies, machinations, intrigues, shadow wars, slander, character assassination" – including the opinion-mongering phrases that he received "a lot of positive feedback" to his [Capetanis'] "correction" by which he "clarified things most clearly".

Conclusion - Capetanis


Dear friends, dear interested people of Germanische Heilkunde and GHk Pilhar Academy,

I would like to thank you for the numerous positive feedbacks I have received since the two videos "Answering questions - for everyone!"

I am pleased to hear that finally, after my correction, my statement and a cease-and-desist leter, as well as the previous videos on the subject of "lies and truth" that the public is now aware of the intrigues within the Germanische Heilkunde community against the GHk Pilhar Academy and myself in recent months.

The machinations of the publishing house, the Working Group, the so-called neutral platforms as well as […] and consorts, who represent only one side of the coin very selfishly, have been exposed and their motives revealed.

The shadow wars that have always existed in the Germanische Heilkunde community have forced me to set the record straight for once and for all in the current situation against the GHk Pilhar Academy and myself, and to disprove the slanderous attacks.

The facts of the relationship to Dr. Hamer and Bona that I presented in my interviews in the information sessions have been proven and have exposed all my opponents as liars.

To spread the Germanische Heilkunde according to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer through the GHk Pilhar Academy in the interest of Geerd and Helmut is and will always be my motivation and any atacks of slander, lies and character assassination will certainly not be allowed.

Best regards Nikolaos Capetanis

⇢ PDF-document Capetanis, "Conclusion" on Telegram April 21, 2023 ("Helmut Pilhar - GHk Academy German")