The King Who Never Was
(The Prince)

On July 4, 2023, the docuseries "The King Who Never Was" (The Prince) was released on the video platform NETFLIX. The series is about Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, who shot Dirk Geerd Hamer and was later disinherited by his father Umberto. Again allegations are made against Dr. Hamer without any evidence, because everyone knows that Dr. Hamer can no longer defend himself! The allegation that Dr. Hamer took a lot of money from the Italian royal family will be discussed in more detail here:

The royal family paid the medical bills; can this be called "taking money from the Savoys"? Think about it: if Dr. Hamer had received a lot of money, wouldn't it have been easy for him to buy a clinic instead of renting one all the time?

Quote "Süddeutsche Zeitung" from 12/11/1978: Einer gegen alle (One against all) - p. 48:

"Press spokesmen of the wealthy royal family had spread the news immediately after Dirk Hamer's death that the family of the dead man had so far received compensation of 700 million lire (at that time about 1.7 million German marks).
Dirk Hamer's parents emphasize that to date only the medical bills have been paid by the royal family."

Quote from "Press Statement of the Hamer Family" (1991):

"DIRK died without ever having seen again the contracts he and his parents had signed, or receiving a penny of pension. Nevertheless, the Savoy family used the documents to pretend to the press and the courts that they had paid millions!"


The sums the Savoys offered Dr. Hamer were always linked to the condition that the trial against Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy, the murderer of his son DIRK, should not take place. Dr. Hamer always refused these bribes, and that is why the trial took place. Who actually wanted to blackmail someone here, Dr. Hamer describes in "One against all". Dr. Hamer has certainly never confused money and law.


Quotes from "One against all" (German book) by Dr. Hamer:

p. 62
In March 1979, Pütz Siedel offered me the "deal that cannot be refused"... When I refused to accept this deal, the war, as I said, really started..., April 81, all my property was auctioned off - I was destitute.

p. 63
The meeting took place with my eldest daughter Birgit present:
Badinter (French Minister of Justice 1981-1986) offered to represent me, or rather, to make an arrangement. He offered me a two million DM check (1 mill dollars). This was the sum that the Savoy family had embezzled from Dirk.
I asked him what I had to do in return.
Answer: "Waive the trial".
My answer: "Mr. Badinter, the Hamer family is poor and our opponents are busy making us penniless. But we are not corrupt. Keep the stolen money. The trial has to take place."
Badinter: "Then, unfortunately, I can do nothing more for you, cannot represent you either. That was my offer and that is the end of my mission."

My daughter later harshly blamed me for "acting the man of character" at the expense of the rest of the family. But the rest of the family, especially my wife, totally approved my decision. My wife said,

"Geerd, that was the right thing to do, I would have done exactly the same."

p. 413
The principle of every mafia, including lodge mafia, which I was finally dealing with, is always:
- to drain the opponent, deprive him of his livelihood;
- dissociate/destroy his family by agents or sects;
- destroy his reputation with the help of the press and media;
- corrupt or threaten his lawyers to make them resign;
- kill the opponent or fake an accident.

The history of Germanische Heilkunde and the fate of the victim's family shows what happens when someone is offered a "deal that cannot (or must not) be refused" and refuses to accept it, as I did, then the opponents no longer show mercy. All of a sudden, you don't have any friends left. You're on your own: One against all.


In conclusion, the following question becomes obvious:
Isn't the main purpose of this documentary to present Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer once again as a dangerous madman, who supposedly took or blackmailed money from the murderer of his son, although he was made an absolute penniless man by this very family and their allies?


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