Attack on the publishing house Amici di Dirk No.2

IN ADVANCE: Mr Capetanis claims in the "Statement" addressed to the Working Group, i.a. the following:
„Since the working group now refers to the inheritance, I note that... I am in possession of a will of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer…"

⇢ PDF-document: "Statement" addressed to the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde, published on Telegram February 26, 2023 (published in English March 12, 2023)

Quote Capetanis: Dear friends, Dear people interested in the Germanische Heilkunde according to Dr. Hamer, Once again, I am taking responsibility and responding to the further accusations and allegations on the part of the “Working Group Germanische Heilkunde” against my person, Nick Capetanis. The following is a link to further slander and character assassination:
Here is my message to all friends of the Germanische Heilkunde:
GHk Pilhar Academy


In view of the fact that the working group of Germanische Heilkunde continues to spread lies, I feel compelled to respond once again to the defamation of my person as well as my family, which is directly affected by it.

The regret is completely on my side, because this dispute was not started by me and I am more than surprised that the so-called working group regrets that someone who is attacked by them responds and defends himself against lies and deceit. It is easy to see that their answers use standard phrases that make no sense to the normal thinking person. Why did the working group even get upset about receiving my response to an attack against me?

Before I will comment on the following lies again, I would like to clarify once more that the working group is responsible for the resulting consequences, which in turn are due to their apparent arrogance, ignorance, and unawareness of the facts. Furthermore, the agenda of this working group is more than questionable towards me.

So if this working group writes in the name of Bona Hamer and claims that no one knows me except from hearsay, I wonder if Bona knows about this at all or has been informed. She can easily confirm with certainty otherwise she would be proven a liar unless she is no longer heading the publishing house and the working group has taken over.

Now to the accusations, which were reinforced this time.

The working group writes:

"We don't know who Nick Capetanis is either. But the statement 'he would have worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer' is not true, Bona Hamer cannot confirm that." 

"That is not an assertion, that is a fact. Or would we have to write that we know Mr. Capetanis for our answer to be true? Because: yes, we have heard about his role in the dispute in the group from Helmut Pilhar, but we did not want to go into this in our answer. This "hearing from someone" does not correspond to the term "knowing.""

I don't know this working group either, because it hides behind this name and after their conduct, their members are not worth knowing to me either. Of course the working group does not know me, because contrary to their further accusation:

"Many have helped him without reaching for the stars to distinguish themselves."

They would have to know that I have held back in this manner just as much and have never put myself in the forefront, let alone sought to in the past or seek now to distinguish myself. Likewise, my family has kept a very low profile in public.

Dr. Hamer's trust in my family was so great that he initially brought my youngest sister-in-law at the time into the publishing house to help out in the daily operations alongside Bona. This intensified the contact between our two families. Not long after, my second sister-in-law joined the publishing house, as the workload was immense.

When Dr. Hamer was imprisoned in 2004, my mother-in-law helped out several times on site at the publishing house and also got the bookkeeping up to speed.

During this time, my family and I were in the U.S. Those who know us know that we were in almost daily contact with these two young women and informed about any events at the publishing house, especially during the difficult time when Dr. Hamer was imprisoned. The two young women were running the publishing house together with Bona.

It was a very difficult time. My younger sister-in-law additionally managed the correspondence of the publishing house in several languages.

During this period of 6-7 years’ time, she became a permanent fixture in the publishing house and even represented Dr. Hamer with others in court, amongst many other things.

It goes without saying that this relationship between my entire family, including myself (who had never considered the idea of founding an academy), grew very close, was very loyal, and involved a great deal of trust. Our relationship has been one of great, great respect for Geerd and great gratitude for what he has given us and left us as a gift.

This brings me to the next statement of the working group:

"They have put their work to the service of the cause. Quoting Dr. Hamer: "Each as he can, each in his place."

To put the work in the service of Germanische Heilkunde, and even more in the service of Dr. Hamer was extremely important to me. After my return to Europe from the USA I visited Dr. Hamer and Bona and subsequently worked on projects over a longer period of time including the translation of the Greek book "Cancer and All So-Called Diseases", which in turn was linked with further visits to Norway. Bona was always there; I will spare you the email correspondence that ensued.

We experienced Geerd and Bona's hospitality for a week in 2011 as a family and I, by myself, in early 2012, which were linked to further helping out.

Whether the working group knows me or not does not matter at all and nobody has any interest in it.

I know all the stories about Ewa Leimer and how she related to Dr. Hamer or, respectively, Geerd related to her. Likewise, I know all the other people who had dealings with the publishing house at that time first hand!

The working group tries to portray me as a liar and thus attempts to damage my reputation as well as the reputation of my family. Those who are in the right will not put up with this. It should be obvious to everyone by now who is actually spreading untruths, but the question I ask myself is, to what end is this being done?

Out of pure desperation, the working group cites Helmut's translator group and what part I am supposed to have played in this, without having any insight. Hearsay is absolutely not enough here, so again they claim without really knowing.

To connect with the enemy of the enemy out of desperation is anything but " Germanic,” and it gives a deep insight.

Dr. Hamer would be ashamed of this and for all of you.

Lastly, I would like to point out that the working group has again challenged me to respond to this.

The working group writes:

"Remember to whom Dr. Hamer has attributed the Germanische Heilkunde as a heritage and preserver - and ask yourselves, whom it could benefit to publicly proceed against Bona Hamer and the publishing house Amici di Dirk in this way."

Since the working group now refers to the inheritance, I note that due to the very loyal, sincere, and very trusting relationship of my family, especially of my two sisters-in-law to Dr. Hamer, I am in possession of a will of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in which Geerd, during his imprisonment, made provisions regarding the management of the publishing house upon his death.

For everyone, it is obvious that one is not in possession of a will of Dr. Hamer, if the family does not have the unrestricted trust of Dr. Hamer. Another proof of the intimate connection.

After Dr. Hamer's death, Helmut Pilhar was informed from the circles of Germanische Heilkunde that there was no will. Therefore, at this point, a justified question is allowed whether the will that is available to me is still valid therefore, if it is, then Bona Hamer is not the sole heir/owner of the publishing house. Either the publishing house has lied again and there is a new will that has possibly been misappropriated, or there is no new will and the earlier will is still valid.

I reserve the right, until I am convinced of the opposite, to consider the legacy of Dr. Hamer on the basis of his will.

I am sorry, but I did not choose this dispute; the working group and Bona Hamer themselves are responsible for it with their untruths.

In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined to be denied by the publishing house in such a way; it seems that Bona Hamer has absolutely chosen the wrong people to protect and spread this God-given gift.

⇢ PDF-document: "Statement" addressed to the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde, published on Telegram February 26, 2023 (published in English March 12, 2023)