Defence against Attack No.1

"Corrections?" ("Rectifications?"), Statement by the Working Group of Germanische Heilkunde, February 22, 2023 to counter the attack no.1.
Finally we publish our PRIVATE answer to the inquirer. We would not have published it at all if the publishing house Amici di Dirk® had not been attacked; because we did not consider it important enough and we frequently receive similar requests. 

Corrections? (Rectifications?)

E-mail request
on 02/09/2023 to

(Published on February 22, 2023. Translated from German.)

After the death of Dr. Hamer there are more and more self-appointed therapists. But since Helmut Pilhar has also passed, this trend continues. I am contacting you because I don't know where else to ask. There is now a GHk Pilhar Academy. It is run by someone called Nick Capetanis, who writes that he worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer. Can you confirm this? So far I have not come across his name anywhere. I myself feel grateful to Dr. Hamer and his original teachings. We all miss his warm and friendly nature very much. I hope you can answer this question. Thank you very much. [Name]

Private reply
of the Working Group on 02/10/2023

(Published on February 22, 2023. Translated from German.)

Dear [name], thank you for contacting us!

First of all: Dr. Hamer had never used the abbreviation GH or GHk for his discovery, Germanische Heilkunde. We do not know who Nick Capetanis is either. But the statement "he had worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer" does not reflect the truth. Bona Hamer cannot confirm this.

If someone is independent, they do not need academies for the Germanische and not even the Educational Program that Ewa Leimer has developed, which, admittedly, simplifies independent learning a lot. In the meantime, it is already being cribbed by the copycats and alleged disseminators of the Germanische. The very first example of such an imitation can be found in Poland.

We have published some information on this topic: "Honesty and Intellectual Property".

What is obvious among all self-proclaimed therapists and so-called "helpers" is that they ignore the entire Suppression of Knowledge or the political issues.

"We all miss his warm and friendly nature very much." – We can very much empathise with you.

Kind regards,
Your Germanische Heilkunde Working Group

Statement on Nick Capetanis' "Correction" from 02/17/2023 circulating in various Telegram channels (respectively his reaction to our private truthful answer to the question above) – (Translated from German)

So, we were asked this question:

"I am contacting you because I don't know where else to ask. There is now a GHk Pilhar Academy. It is run by someone called Nick Capetanis, who writes that he worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer. Can you confirm this? So far I have not come across his name anywhere."

And replied to it truthfully:

"We do not know who Nick Capetanis is either. But the statement "he had worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer" does not reflect the truth. Bona Hamer cannot confirm this."

!! That is not an assertion, that is a fact. Or would we have to pretend to know Mr Capetanis for our answer to be true? Because: yes, we have heard what role he played in the conflict in Helmut Pilhar's group, but we did not want to comment on it in our answer. "Hearing from someone" does not correspond to the term "knowing".

"some of the allegations" (in "red")

Quote Capetanis:"The working group expects the so-called helpers not to remain silent on political issues. In the Germanische Heilkunde Pilhar Academy, there will be forums/sections specifically for this purpose, which will discuss these political topics of knowledge suppression about which I have already spoken publicly. I find it just too grotesque that a working group whose members do not reveal their names, but instead act hidden under the name "working group", is simply defaming others who are publicly committed to the dissemination of this suppression of knowledge."

Dr. Hamer has always spoken directly about who is responsible for the suppression of knowledge, not in a forum/section where it can be discussed, but totally openly and in prominent place, because Germanische Heilkunde cannot be legalised in the system in which we currently live. Everyone needs to learn and urgently deal with the reasons why Germanische Heilkunde  has been covered up, denigrated and politically labelled as radical right-wing for more than 40 years.

Quote Capetanis:"I cannot imagine that Dr. Hamer would ever have chosen such cowardly representatives. I take the liberty of making this statement because I know him and his attitude very well from personal conversations."

Who knows Dr. Hamer's attitude better than his widow Bona Hamer?

Dr. Hamer never expected any of his supporters make a public appearance. Many helped him without reaching for the stars, making a name for themselves, being appointed lecturers or making profit out of it. They have done the work in the service of the greater mission. Quote Dr Hamer:

Everyone in his place, according to the measure of their possibilities.

Quote Capetanis:"The statements concerning academies are baseless and do not correspond to Dr. Hamer's ideas, as they only serve to suppress knowledge."

Quote from Dr. Hamer:

 "Academies or universities or any other groups/associations concerning Germanische Heilkunde are not yet purposeful, as they are immediately infiltrated in our system of injustice."

He had to experience this again and again in his numerous attempts to establish something within the regime. For example, he could no longer pursue the idea of Sandefjord University after a short time because it was banned. In fact, it has not existed for a long time. See also „Germanische Heilkunde and Medical Doctors“.

Both the publishing house Amici di Dirk® and the Working Group have the same ambition: to preserve the extensive knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde, Dr. Hamer's findings which he has continuously refined in detail, and pass it on to all interested people, i.e. in as many languages as possible.

While the publishing house takes care of editing and regularly reprinting the books, it shares with the Working Group the efforts to provide quality translations of the original work; both for books (some of the members of the Working Group are multilingual and translated several books into different languages) - or for the website, for which an immense amount of information and historical documents need to be translated. The Group can manage a big part of it, but not all, and therefore it is always looking for good translators. For the above-mentioned and other reasons, the Working Group can only be future-oriented.

Quote Capetanis: "The working group that is hiding behind the name Working Group and is responsible for everything mentioned above is certainly not at all worthy to represent Dr. Hamer's Gift from the Gods to humanity."

Please remember what happened to Helmut Pilhar's (translator) group just before he passed away in August last year and what role Mr Capetanis incl. Mrs Locke Mears had played in this. And do reflect on whether this has something to do with a Gift from the Gods. 

Remember who Dr. Hamer entrusted Germanische Heilkunde to as heir and preserver – and ask yourself who could benefit from publicly taking action against Bona Hamer and the publishing house Amici di Dirk® in this manner:

Quote Capetanis: "Apart from this, during the last six years the publisher has completely failed to sufficiently provide literature and other material to meet the demand. Likewise, it is conspicuous that when it comes to foreign languages, hardly any literature is available to both English and Spanish speakers."

Doesn't this look like an attempt to damage the publisher's reputation with false 'facts'? Is this a way to rob Amici di Dirk® of its customers and make it impossible for the publishing house to provide books (the original work of Dr. Hamer) and translations?

Concerning the "last six years": Even whilst Dr. Hamer was alive, the publishing house Amici di Dirk® was unable to make all the German-language literature available. See "Vermächtnis einer Neuen Medizin, Band 1 und 2" (Legacy of a New Medicine, Volumes 1 and 2), which was out of print for many years and first became available again as a reprint in the last two years.

One of the highest priorities for the publishing house is the quality of the translations. Amici di Dirk® does not accept bad translations or dishonest offers or demands. The translators must, as mentioned, master both languages and, of course, have a profound understanding of Germanische Heilkunde. Think about this: since 2005, the year "Einer gegen alle" (One against all) was published, why has no one ever contacted Dr. Hamer or Bona Hamer regarding a translation of this book?


The Working Group makes an effort that political topics and explosive documents of knowledge suppression are translated and published on Dr. Hamer's website – the "inconvenient" material that does not generate any money at all. Please compare the English content of the website ( with the Russian (, Polish, Slovenian, Dutch, etc. content. So why hasn't a native speaker been translating into English and Spanish for a long time? One does not even need to understand Germanische to be able to translate the archive. In this case, it is enough to have good translating skills.

Please do not tell us in letters that the political aspect has to be separated from the Germanische. Distancing from the political issue definitely would not only be against Dr. Hamer's wish, but the past 40+ years have shown us that dealing with the political issues – is an urgent necessity to let the crocuses blossom. If not for us, then at least for our children or grandchildren.

Germanische Heilkunde Working Group, February 22, 2023

We regret that we have to react on such "statements", as we see the publishing house Amici di Dirk® in danger by such allegations. If it only concerned the Working Group itself, we would not make this effort, because it is a great pity that time is lost in which we could concentrate on Germanische Heilkunde (the translations for the website, the book translations, the archive and much more).