Defence against Attack No.4

Truth vs. Lies

Response to the Telegram posting "Truth vs. Lies" and

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Working Group runs Dr Hamer's international website, with permission from the Amici di Dirk® publishing house to use Dr Hamer's texts and graphics, but is independent of the publishing house. We have no financial or other business relationship with each other. The relationship of all members of the Working Group and Bona Hamer is one of friendship and we meet as equals, as is common among Germanic people. We all work voluntarily for Germanische Heilkunde and have neither leaders nor masters, gurus, cult leaders or any other kind of management.

The private reply, which Mr. Capetanis describes as fictitious, and also the article "Corrections? ("Rectifications?") were given or published by the Working Group – and not by the publishing house Amici di Dirk® or by Bona Hamer. All statements or publications originating from Bona Hamer were and are signed with her name.

1. Quote by Mr Capetanis:
"First, however, I would like to point out that neither Erika Pilhar, nor myself, had any intentions to create a further split in Germanische Heilkunde community." ⇢ What beautiful empty words! When you consider that the publishing house Amici di Dirk® – the source of Dr Hamer's original literature – has been threatened with a cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine (penalty).

2. So... basically it is about the following PRIVATE statement from the Working Group (which Mr Capetanis published on February 17, 2023. In fact, the Working Group first published this private statement on this website on February 22, 2023 not on February 12, 2023 as Mr. Capetanis claims in his letter "Truth vs. Lies", see "Corrections (Rectifiactions?)". We have evidence for this.)

"We do not know who Nick Capetanis is either. But the statement "he had worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer" does not reflect the truth. Bona Hamer cannot confirm this."

Quote from the lawyer's letter: "In this article published by the "Working Group of Germanic Medicine", whose members are all known to our client,..." How interesting! So, Mr Capetanis knows the Germanische Heilkunde Working Group... Perhaps he will also provide proof that we know him? No, certainly not! By the way, we don't know his sisters-in-law either, even if they worked for the publishing house. Anyway, the question/request was not about his sisters-in-law, but about Mr Capetanis. So, the statement of the Working Group is true.
Also the statement of Bona Hamer that Mr. Capetanis "had not worked on different projects alongside Dr. Hamer" is true. The fact that Mr. Capetanis visited Sandefjord once, more than 10 years ago, Bona Hamer never denied. She was asked about "projects" and replied directly.

Note to everyone who may not have understood yet: This (our) answer was sent privately to an inquiryer (Mr. Capetanis, we have proof for this – all emails are archived! That means, the accusation: "allegedly purely fictitious – inquiry" is irrelevant). We have no influence on the fact that the inquirer published this answer or forwarded it directly (?) to Mr. Capetanis.

The article "Corrections?" ("Rectifications"?) was written only as a reaction to Mr. Capetanis' public "Correction" where he is attacking the publishing house, Bona Hamer and the Working Group (Mr. Capetanis, we also have evidence of this in form of the daily database backup of the website and archive!). Therefore, Mr. Capetanis has to answer for himself the "high business damage" and disadvantages for "his business", because the first publication came from him.

The accusation under point 2. of the lawyer's letter is ludicrous, since this excerpt is definitely not from the website of the publishing house Amici di Dirk® or Dr. Hamer's international website – and was also not published by us (Mr. Capetanis, we did not instigate this either. In case you want to allude to that in your next move).

3. Now we come to the evidence of Mr. Capetanis. Dr. Hamer and his wife Bona have hosted many people as their guests, especially when they needed help. Bona Hamer never denied that Mr Capetanis had also been a one-time guest in Sandefjord. Please look at the correspondence "Date fields: from June 2011 to January 2012". A little more than half a year more than 10 years ago... So this is the friendship between Mr. Capetanis and Dr. Hamer and Bona Hamer. Exactly this so very short time lasting "friendship" Mr. Capetanis now so cleverly puts in the spotlight – after he has taken over the business from Helmut Pilhar as a leader – so that people believe, he is not just anyone with the name Capetanis, but a friend and supporter – and "that he worked on different projects alongside Dr. Hamer"... quietly and self-sacrificing...

4a. Project No. 1 "Greek translation": Unfortunately, Mr. Capetanis does not inform what translation he is talking about and what role he played regarding the translation.

4b. Project No. 2 "Student Girls (Studentenmädchen!), Interview Geerd and Giovanna Conti1": Which interview with Giovanna Conti Mr. Capetanis is referring to is a mystery to us.
Statement of Bona Hamer: "What subtitles did Mr. Capetanis actually make? It's been so many years that I can't remember which subtitles. He doesn't seem to have an email confirming the receipt of those subtitles? Saying that something is going to be done is no guarantee that it will actually be done in the end. It would be nice if Mr. Capetanis could provide more information about the "Project Student Girls (Studentenmädchen!), Interview Geerd and Giovanna Conti"."

Bona Hamer: "Mr. Capetanis, I would like you to jog my memory, for example, what exactly were "our joint projects" about (the phrase you use in your pdf):

  1. Translation: Of what exactly? With what exactly did you contribute?
  2. Minutes (protocol), of what? Were you the keeper of the minutes? Or what exactly did you do?
  3. Which video? With what exactly did you contribute?

Can you also tell me if you have completed any of "these projects" from beginning to end?"

AND NOW THE DECISIVE QUESTION: Would you call these, to put it mildly, "undefined" activities during a, to put it mildly, "very short period of time" as "working alongside Dr. Hamer on various projects" ???

The opinion of the Russian translator of the Working Group:

Mr. Capetanis, I have translated and subtitled several videos with Dr. Hamer and translated several books they are now available and can be ordered from the publisher Amici di Dirk®. (Further info: I started the translation work when Dr. Hamer was still alive. But I wouldn't even dream of saying that I "worked on various projects alongside Dr. Hamer". Because this is simply not true. How do we call such statements on such a thin basis as yours? And Mr. Capetanis, this is not "false statement of fact", but just my opinion. And we have the right to freely express our opinion, don't we?

Germanische Heilkunde Working Group, April 13, 2023

[* Note: G. Conti later mentioned Dr Hamer in a footnote in her second book... The events of 2023, as well as her collaboration with the person (Capetanis) who attacked Dr Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk (cease and desist letter and a €50,000 fine), makes it superfluous to add any further comment].