Attack on the publishing house Amici di Dirk No.5

After countering attack No. 4 ("Truth vs. Lies"), Mr Capetanis announces a Zoom online meeting on 04/14/2023:

Quote Capetanis
GHk Pilhar Academy, Nikolaos Capetanis.
Answering questions - for everyone!
On Saturday, 04/15/2023 at 7pm I invite you all to a Zoom meeting, where I will explicitly explain the complete facts based on the current events and give you the opportunity to ask any questions regarding myself and the GHk Pilhar Academy.
Whoever is interested in clarifying the following topics
- Dr. Hamer, Bona and Nikolaos Capetanis
- Helmut Pilhar's former translator group
- Intrigue, lies and defamation
is welcome. I look forward to meeting each of you
Best regards, Nikolaos Capetanis

The Zoom meeting is held on 04/15/2023.

It is interesting to note that in his Zoom meeting, Mr. Capetanis does not go into detail regarding the question about the will (see attack no.2) after Erika Pilhar had explained that it is Bona's inheritance and her right. [Quote Capetanis: "What is this... the question about the will; we have not yet touched on it, but it is not an issue at the moment, I think"]

Publication of the Zoom-online-meeting "Answering Questions - for Everyone" (only German) by Mr Capetanis on Telegram, April 18, 2023

P.S. If anyone is interested in watching the entire Zoom-online-meeting: "Answering Questions - for Everyone" (German only).