by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Cancer in Animals

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Grandma Molly

She was a splendid woman (milk sheep) with silky wool and numerous children.

One day my wife and I decided to wean the lambs after 12 weeks, because they were supposed to gain weight faster. There was a terrible screaming in the barn: On the right the mothers (Bööööh) and on the left the lambs (bääääh). But after 2 days it was quiet. Only Grandma Molly kept calling for her children over and over again. My wife and I were happy, because now we could milk undisturbed and make cheese from the milk.

But suddenly our best piece on the right got a mastitis, which could not be controlled even with the best antibiotics. After a while we gave up our efforts to cure the totally knotty udder half. After that we decided to mate our darling again and feed some of the lambs with the bottle. We did not care about the udder anymore.

When I fell ill with cancer and studied the writings of Dr. Hamer, it became clear to me, that this mastitis was udder cancer, caused by the early weaning of the lambs. So, according to the five biological laws of nature of Dr. Hamer's New Medicine, Grandma Molly must have had a so-called Hamer Focus (HH) in the left cerebellum (table: o.l.a.4)1. She was a left-footer (transl. note: humans are left-handed); you can tell by the fact that she always used her left foreleg to scratch around in the trough before feeding.

I absolutely wanted to check that, if only to get absolute certainty for myself.

Where would I find a computer tomograph in which our sheep could be examined?… to X-ray a sheep's brain in general - crazy, in the eyes of most people!

Old relationships came to my mind. These work colleagues had a magnetic resonance tomograph that was used to examine pigs. So why not our Molly?

The former colleagues listened to my explanations about Dr. Hamer's findings with some scepticism, but they were helpful. So Molly came into the tube and guess what - in the left cerebellum a beautiful, crescent-shaped Hamer Focus was visible.

Yet I could not really appreciate it at all, because at the same time I discovered a flawless udder in Molly lying on her back, without a single node and completely soft. Only the milk duct was blocked.

The explanation was simple: in the following years we had let the lambs run again all summer with their mothers and so the mother/child-worry-conflict was over.

In addition, Molly must also have had tuberculosis according to the fourth natural law of the New Medicine, the "ontogenetic system of microbes", i.e. the tumours were decomposed by mycobacteria, as Dr. Hamer repeatedly describes in his books.

As fast as I could, I stowed my wonder animal on the trailer before my former work colleagues noticed, because they would have declared me crazy, because according to the current doctrine such a changed udder never heals and such an animal can only be slaughtered.




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1 - see Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine

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