Gout in childhood


A brain CT tells a story!

But that didn't really suit me, because my greatest wish was to learn a craft. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday. She began to cry and almost begged me to go on with school. I finally gave in, but as a result I suffered a loss of self-esteem (a selv-devaluation), more precisely a self-devaluation conflict concerning skill/dexterity (hands).

Furthermore, I was aware that I would have to go to a boarding school and that I would not be able to practice my favourite sport at that time - karate. The thought of not being allowed to learn a trade and not being able to practise karate hit me hard.

Since I soon accepted this, my self-devaluation (= Selbstwerteinbruch = SWE) conflict  must have been resolved. At the same time, however, there was a refugee conflict active, as one had to move to a boarding school when attending this school. At the beginning I didn't want to start there at all; I was really afraid of it.

This combination: resolved SWE and active refugee conflict caused gout at the age of 13. This could be clearly seen on the swollen finger joints, especially on the right hand. My finger joints were also stiff and aching. At that time, of course, we had no explanation for gout at such a young age. We didn't consult a doctor at that time - fortunately. They might have diagnosed leukaemia as well.

When Dr. Hamer saw my CCT, the first question he asked me was:

"What happened when you were a child, what were you not allowed to do or not allowed to do any more?”

When such a precise question was asked, the secret was quickly revealed - 25 years later.

All that remains is astonishment and deep admiration.