by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer

The first Biological Natural Law

Germanic Heilkunde - Introduction

it has 3 criteria


Every Significant Biological Special Program (SBS), originates from a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), which is a severe, highly acute dramatic, and isolative conflict-experience-shock, that occurs simultaneously on three levels: psyche - brain - organ.


The Biological Conflict determines at the moment of the DHS the location of the SBS in the brain as a co-called Hamer Focus (HHHamerscher Herd) and also the location on the corresponding organ as a cancer or a cancer-equivalent with a Hamer Organ Focus (HOHHamerscher Organ Herd).


The development of the SBS on all three levels (psyche – brain – organ), from the DHS to the conflict resolution (conflictolysis=CL) and to the epileptic/epileptoid crisis at the height of the pcl-phase (healing phase) and the return to normalization (normotonia), is synchronous!

…caught on the wrong foot

Such an experience catches a person off guard or on the wrong foot, as if hit by a blow from a club. Everyday worries, problems and difficulties are not meant here. We can adapt and prepare ourselves for the usual troubles of life.

What concerns us here is the moment of surprise of a dramatic experience. One is affected in one´s personality to the core, therefore, we call it a Biological Conflict, and one is standing there in that moment completely alone. One is unable to, or will not, speak about it “get it off one´s chest” (isolative). The conscious mind or our logical thinking is useless in this moment.
We sense and feel a shock. That is enough, and that is all that counts.

At which organ an SBS begins, is determined by the manner of sensing (=conflict content!) during the conflict-shock (DHS).

Moreover, at the moment of this experience, a particular Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) begins, and synchronously alters our psyche, our brain and the correlated organ, whereby, the conflict contents determine which area of the brain is affected and which organ.
Therefore, we call such a conflict, which synchronously hits on all three levels of our organism, in the psyche, the brain and the organ, a Biological Conflict.
At which organ an SBS begins, is determined by the manner of sensing (=conflict content!) during the conflict-shock (DHS).

A conflict shock (DHS) leaves traces in the brain. In a brain CT these ball-shaped structures look like circular disks. They were called the „odd Hamer Foci“ (HH) by my opponents.
The location of the HH provides exact information as to which organ is affected. Besides that, one can tell whether the conflict is still active (HH edges clearly defined) or if the patient is already in the healing phase = pcl-phase (HH blurred through water deposits = oedema).
One could call these Hamer Foci „conflict indicators“. They are the living proof that the psyche controls all organs through the brain.

Furthermore, the HOHs (Hamersche Organ Herde = Hamer Organ Foci) look, as it were, just like the HHs, moreover, regardless whether cell-increase is occurring (tumour) or cell-decrease (ulceration or necrosis). We always see these round or ball-like target rings, with sharply delineated edges in the ca-phase and blurred by oedema deposits in the pcl-phase, also in the organ.


Computer tomogram (CT) of the brain
Clearly visible even for the layman: beginning of the conflict-resolved-phase with oedematous circles.

Copyright by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer