Who Brought the Slaves to America?

El Glauner

The enslavement of Black Africans and the almost total extermination of the indigenous population of America were preceded by the Christianization, enslavement and large-scale extermination of the European indigenous population.
The extermination of the human races continues today mainly by means of conventional medicine (chemo, morphine, vaccination, etc.). That's something you can't believe at first – you're not confronted with it every day the silent, hidden murder. In war it is more obvious what is a crime and what is not. But this mass murder is authorized and decreed by the government and medical associations worldwide. At the same time, they are promoting "life-saving" chemotherapy and morphine and spreading fear of cancer and other fake diseases (Svine flu, Aids, Covid, etc.). Terrified, people let themselves be executed in hospital. It is an outrageous crime, because the physicians, who belong to the mafia, know the GERMANIC of Dr. Hamer very well. Imagine what would happen if people knew the Germanische Heilkunde and knew about this mass murder!

I would like to quote Dr. Hamer, who wrote an article on "Mein Studentenmädchen" and the 432Hz concert pitch in 2014, an excerpt:

"...The rabbis, the only fertile ones among the Jews, are apparently afraid that their children, the circumcised babies, could resolve their "circumcision constellation" with "Mein Studentenmädchen" and become "Rabbi-like", which indeed could be expected. But then the 99% of ordinary circumcised and constellated Jews would turn from "slaves of the rabbis" into "free and equal to the rabbis", their fathers. But that would blow up the entire hierarchy of Judaism, one could also say "Germanize" or liberate them. But the rabbis certainly don't want that! That is why they fight so aggressively against (germanic) freedom. The rabbis and their quadrillion-euro capital only desire "one-world order". They want to dominate slaves worldwide, including their ordinary circumcised Jewish slaves.
Well, the fact is that this chanted archaic magic melody of god Wodan (= Odin) has, as I have already proven in many hundreds of cases, a verifiable therapeutic magic effect that no other religion in the world possesses. Therefore, we may not be mistaken if we assume an age-old desire of the rabbis to brutally and harshly exterminate – this was the order given by Jewish Caesar Augustus, Caesar Drusus, Caesar Tiberius, and Caesar Germanicus, all of them Jewish emperors (Caesarius = Circumcisus) – the entire Germanic population to the last man, as happened with the Gauls under Julius Caesar and with the Spaniards under Caesar Augustus. However, the Germanic tribes managed to prevent this just in time in four major desperate defensive battles led by our national hero Arminius (Germanic name Sigurd?).
Also the inquisition terror of the Jewish popes during the Thirty Years' War could be brought to an end when 2/3 of the German population had already been exterminated.
When it comes to the 2nd World War waged by the Jewish-English agents against the German people, one need only remember the synchronized bombing raid on Dresden, the Morgentau Plan and the mass murder of German prisoners of war in the Rhine meadows camps (2 million? 10 million? 20 million?), which was intended to exterminate our people.
The last extermination maneuver that still concerns us is the death of 36 million chemotherapy and morphine victims [Dr. Hamer says 4 to 7 billion worldwide in 2016] by Jewish oncologists, while in Israel practically no patient has died of cancer in the past 33 years because they were/are all treated in accordance to the GERMANIC..."

A few years ago I watched an interview with a German who had survived the Rhine meadows camps. He said that the Black Americans were the only ones who treated the prisoners humanely (min 25:00, 47:25). That was his very personal experience. Like millions of his comrades, he had experienced cruelty only 5 of his 3500-man prison camp survived. With the background you will learn in the following video, it's not hard to imagine that the Black Americans could still remember the torment of their enslaved ancestors and acted humanely...

Quote from Dr. Hamer (2004, when he was imprisoned in Paris):

Three weeks ago, a medical lecturer at Sarbonne University in Paris, who said he belonged to this certain religious community, wrote to me: "Yes, I know that my brothers in faith practise your New Medicine. And I find it disgusting that they keep you in prison."

Many others from this religious community have told me the same thing. Hardly anyone in Germany dares to mention that, even though it's the truth. There is pure fear.

A wise lady said to me:

You are the only one who can talk about it.
You are the only one who is allowed to talk about it and
You are the only one who has to talk about it!


In the following video Rabbi Bulochnik talks about how many slaves there will be in the future: