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Max Igan 2021

Germanische Heilkunde THING 1, December 2021

Germanische Heilkunde can truly liberate and change a person... After a while you start to perceive the world differently – much more clearly.

Your thoughts break free from the years of hypnosis of the paralysing system you are living in. You realise that you are nothing but a living being, living together with other living beings of Mother Nature. Your values change, you may become satisfied in some way. You learn to understand others and you really get to know yourself.

Mr. Igan, like many others, unfortunately or probably does not know the Germanische Heilkunde, but he has recognised that it is about the sovereignty of each and everyone of us. And this sovereignty, which frees us again from our current dependence on the so-called "economy" and the monetary system is part of it, relates to all areas of life that concern us, for example, our ability to build flats and houses, our ability to grow food, our ability to make clothes, our ability to raise children and our ability to repair the things we need for living.... but at its core, sovereignty comes from understanding our very own biological programmes, the biological programmes of all living beings on this earth.
The point here is to recognise that you have to make the decisions in life (and also concerning your health) on your own, out of your own conviction, out of your own inner being and your own knowledge. To make yourself inwardly, morally dependent on others (also medical doctors, therapists) means to give up your own life. If you are dependent on something, somebody, even only ideologies and ideas, you will always be afraid and if you are afraid, you can be manipulated and controlled. You are kind of paralized – by the poison of fear.

This is, among other things, perhaps even the main reason why we experience global facism today. The deep understanding of Germanische Heilkunde, and your sovereignty in this knowledge, will free yourself. Germanische Heilkunde is not a repair shop for so-called diseases, you will understand that after af while. However, in the forced system in which we live, medicine is probably seen in this way. That is why it is of absolute importance to understand that the Germanische Heilkunde "does not work" like that – it has absolutely nothing in common with the old system.

It is a very beautiful journey that you take by learning Germanische Heilkunde. It is your very own path.

Thanks to INSPIRED for the beautiful video

We refer exclusively to Max Igan's statements in this video.

Translated by El Glauner

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1 - THING: The word appears in Old Norse, Old English, and modern Icelandic as þing, in Middle English (as in modern English), Old Saxon, Old Dutch, and Old Frisian as thing, in German and Dutch as Ding and ding respectively, and in modern Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Faroese, Gutnish, and Norn as ting, all from a reconstructed Proto-Germanic neuter *þingą; the word is the same as the more common English word thing, both having at their core the basic meaning of "an assemblage, a coming together of parts"—in the one case, an "assembly" or "meeting", in the other, an "entity", "object", or "thing". The meeting-place of a thing was called a "thingstead" (Old English þingstede) or "thingstow" (Old English þingstōw) and was often on a somewhat higher place or under a tree.